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Projections show that e-commerce will account for about 22% of all retail sales by 2023. Many businesses appreciate the benefits of e-commerce, and they are rushing to create online stores. Are you one of them? 

Modern shoppers search for stores, products, or services online before they purchase what they require. They can buy items online if they find what they need. E-commerce is an excellent avenue for modern shoppers to browse goods from various retailers, compare products, make a purchase, pay for goods via electronic means, and get the goods when the seller or third-party ships them.

Many clients leverage online shopping, so your business should have an e-commerce presence to attract these customers. E-commerce can be competitive. Companies need the right strategies to excel in the e-commerce environment. 

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Why Market My eCommerce Business Online?

Why should you move part or your entire business online? E-commerce has many benefits that you can enjoy. 

1. Convenience of Digital Marketing

You can sell to clients worldwide without worrying about them visiting your premises, working hours, or different time zones. Customers can place orders when it is convenient for them. All you need to worry about is having an appealing offering and logistics. Once customers make an order and pay for it, you can deliver yourself or hire a shipping company at a fee. 

2. Reach of the Internet

Having a digital presence can overcome distance barriers. You can sell from anyone around the world with an internet connection. If you have a thousand local customers, digital stores can widen your target market. 

You may need localization services if you plan to sell in foreign countries. This strategy ensures your products are appropriate for the residents of the country you target. You may need a local liaison to comply with the country’s rules and custom requirements. 

3. Cost of Digital Marketing

Selling and advertising expenses digitally can be cheaper than marketing through a physical retail outlet. Online stores incur little to no costs of property maintenance and rental. Digital advertising platforms also leverage customers’ information to ensure only people interested in your ads see your campaigns. This option is cheaper than advertising on other media that show your ads to people who are not interested in your products or services. 

4. Personalization of Offers

You can build a profile of your customers by tracking the purchases, behavior, and history. This awareness allows you to customize your ads to reflect their interests. You will convert more customers and have better customer retention if you show them what they need. 

5. Relationships with Customers

Online platforms, such as email and social media pages, offer excellent avenues for building and maintaining relationships with customers. Once a customer buys your products, you can start a relationship by sending them an email thanking them for their purchase. You can ask them to join your email directory, where you will show them offers, discounts, and fantastic deals. Regular messages and engagements ensure the relationship prospers, and they will think of you whenever they need your products or services. 

6. Growing Importance of Social Media

Modern customers spend a lot of time on social platforms. Social media platforms are an essential part of their daily life. Businesses acknowledge this fact and are moving to these avenues to achieve various goals. The right social media presence can help you generate leads, build a following, and build your brand. 

What Are My Options for Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can help you achieve your objectives. When you choose to market your products and services digitally, you have different options to consider. 

White Website Icon Website Design & Development

Statistics show that over 50% of consumers research product information before buying from a store. Most buyers look for information online to inform their purchasing decisions. Having a good website can ensure these customers find your business and buy your products and services. 

Having a professional website is the foundation of digital marketing success. You can sell your goods to customers from sites or use them to direct them towards your physical stores. A professional website can help you achieve these objectives. 

A good website can help you communicate your brand values and offering to prospective customers. It can allow you to build authority and credibility. You can also use it to distinguish your goods and services from competitors.

What does a professional website entail? A professional site satisfies these requirements:

  • Simple Navigation: Visitors should find what they need fast. Your navigation menus should help them find what they require. 
  • Attractive Design: Your website should be appealing to visitors. Use eye-catching colors, stunning pictures, and awesome fonts to capture people’s attention. 
  • Helpful Content: People online look for the most useful content. Search engine algorithms are aware of this fact, and they strive to offer the most relevant content to people. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Proper SEO strategies can ensure your website is visible and you reach more people. 
  • Fast Loading Speed: Online shoppers prefer websites that load in under 3 seconds. They leave sites that take longer to load. 
  • Easy Conversion: Your website should have a simple customer journey. Buyers should interact with your site for the first time, check out your products, add them to their carts, pay for them, and track their logistics information with ease. 

You can design and optimize your site in-house or hire professionals to do it. 

Seo Bulls Eye IconSearch Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for greater visibility and searchability. It also offers various other benefits. These benefits include: 

  • Organic search is often the primary source of site traffic. 
  • SEO builds credibility and trust. 
  • Local SEO leads to higher conversion, traffic, and more leads. 
  • Keeps you up to date with leading SEO strategies that always change. 
  • SEO is quantifiable, meaning you can measure your performance and improve. 
  • SEO is cheap, as SEO expenditures can result in long term benefits. 

What does SEO entail? SEO entails tailoring your content towards high performing keywords, creating relevant content, making your platforms mobile-friendly, improving user experience on your site, and taking advantage of local search. 

White Piggy BankPPC

Success in PPC requires two approaches — the fundamental aspect and the complicated part. For the essential element, you need these steps:

  • Have a keyword strategy. Filter the keywords to have high performing ones. You do not need all the keywords. Choosing the right ones for your target audience can yield the desired outcomes.
  • Focus on conversion. Track your conversion to know if you get the expected results. You need to see if you are getting value for money via PPC. 
  • Have the right keywords, landing pages, and ad copy. Ensure these elements work together to achieve the intended objectives. Use relevant keywords, have accurate ad copy, and optimize landing pages.

Beyond the basics, you may also want to have the right ad extensions, understand your settings, and leverage Google Display Network (GDN). 

E-commerce marketing services providers can take this work off your plate. 

White Chat SocialSocial Media

Customers spend a lot of time on social platforms. Businesses need a strong presence on these platforms to connect with them and sell their products or services. You can use social media to boost your site’s traffic, generate leads, build your brand, and engage your customers to understand them. 

Excellent reviews by past clients can be referral sources for your business. New clients trust the ratings of people that bought from you. Satisfy your clients’ needs, ask them to review your services, and address negative reviews to enjoy social media marketing for your e-commerce business. 

White Brand Management LikeBrand Management Reputation

Your brand is an essential part of your business story. Strong brands often achieve their objectives. Work hard to ensure your brand image aligns with your values. You can manage your brand in two ways. 

  • Build Your Reputation: 92% of online buyers read online reviews before their purchase. A good reputation can get you excellent reviews, making prospects choose your business. You should collect feedback from clients, manage threats to your reputation, and handle negative reviews professionally.
  • Manage Citations: About 50% of local searches do not happen on search engines. They occur in directories and apps, such as Yelp and Google My Business. Managing citations ensures that your business information on these platforms is consistent, which increases your likelihood of customers finding your enterprise. 

Types of eCommerce Businesses We Help

Managing an online store can be a challenging experience. You may need help to achieve your objectives. Expert, affordable services can ensure your small business has a competing chance against leading brands. 

BizIQ offers expert, customized, and affordable services to online businesses. We help various online brands, such as: 

  • Hand-Crafted Products
  • Nutritional Products and Dietary Supplements
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Mass-Produced Products
  • Many other products people sell online, contact us with questions!

How Do I Get Started?

BizIQ provides complimentary website analysis and examination of your digital strategy. We will also help you review the findings and opportunities.  Contact us today, and let the professionals help you enjoy e-commerce success.