Entertainment and Recreation Industry

Marketing is essential even for companies that are at the top of their industry. The entertainment and recreation industry grows every day with new activities coming up. If 2020 has made anything clear, having a digital marketing strategy is vital to stay afloat. Digital marketing is what keeps people informed on all your activities and offers, especially when they can’t walk around.

Why Market My Entertainment or Recreation Business Online?

Marketing has numerous benefits, even in the traditional setting. Digital marketing, however, has numerous advantages that overpower any conventional marketing strategy.

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Here are reasons why you should move your marketing online:

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  1. The Large Audience
    The internet provides your business with an opportunity to reach a global audience. It may not seem necessary for a tour guide in Alaska to market his business to someone in Africa. However, about 925 million people used U.S airlines to travel in 2019 only. Thus, there a high chance that marketing to a worldwide audience will attract people to visit your area and seek your services.
  2. Convenience
    The best thing about the internet is that it never closes for the night. As long as you have an digital marketing strategy, people will still book your services even at 2 am. Your target audience will always get your business information at whatever time they wish without involving you.
  3. The Cost of Digital Marketing Is Low
    Cost is a critical factor that usually sets small businesses back when they’re seeking out traditional marketing. However, the internet can provide effective marketing for as low as $0. You just have to employ the right strategies.
  4. Personalization of Offers
    Digital marketing allows you to keep track of all your top customers. In this way, it’s easy to give clients offers based on how much they use your services. Personalization is a sure way of retaining clients. 
  5. Better Relationships
    Having an online presence keeps you a mere click away from your clients. You can always engage with them through emails and newsletters regularly. In this way, you show them that they’re valued and appreciated.
  6. Social Media Is Integral to Marketing
    Modern advertising is all about getting people’s attention while they’re on social media. On average most people spend about 3 hours each day scrolling through different platforms. Thus, it only makes sense to go where people are.

What are My Options for Digital Marketing?

There are numerous things to choose from when looking for an online strategy. Here are a few things that can get you started in digital marketing:

White Website Icon Website Design & Development

Getting a website is the first step towards having a substantial presence on the internet. Many entertainment and recreation companies often feel it unnecessary to have a website because it’s associated with more ‘serious’ businesses. However, a website sets the stage for more opportunities that eventually increase sales. It also helps you have a brand identity that is often seen as a professional move. A website is proof that you are a reliable and efficient business.

Seo Bulls Eye IconSearch Engine Optimization

Marketing operates around search engines. Thus, whenever you have a website, your main goal should always be to optimize it to ticks all search requirements. This is why getting a Search Engine Optimization service is so important:

  • Organic Searches Generate the Most Traffic: Despite spending thousands of dollars on advertising, most search results are based on how well SEO requirements are fulfilled. To take advantage of organic searches, it’s essential to know all the things that go into producing results on a search engine.
  • Increased Trust and Credibility: Since search engines operate around SEO practices, users are more likely to trust your business if it is presented to them. Internet users trust that Google has done enough research once they enter a query and has produced the best possible results.
  • It Increases Engagement and Traffic: If users can’t find your website, then there’s no way you’re going to get traffic and engagement. SEO automatically places you right in front of users, thus increasing website traffic 
  • SEO Practices Are Always Updated: Search engines are continuously being updated to provide better results. Keeping up with SEO requirements is mandatory if you’re going to be at the top all the time. Hiring a competent SEO company is the best solution in this case.
  • It’s Cost Effective: Majority of the time, SEO practices are free. If you need to hire an agency to take care of it, most of them are highly affordable.
  • It Can Be Quantified: All SEO efforts can be measured and analyzed with proper tracking and analytics tools. In this way, you can see what works and what isn’t

White Piggy BankPPC

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is a model that charges marketers every time one of their ads is clicked on. This is an incredibly effective and affordable method for small businesses in the entertainment and recreation industry. Instead of paying for blind marketing, you can choose to only spend money on those interested in your service.

White Chat SocialSocial Media

As a business in the entertainment and recreation industry, you don’t exist if you don’t have a social media platform. Here are eight reasons why you should be using social media to market your business:

  • Social Media Increases Traffic to Your Website: Your social media channel can act as a gateway to your website in numerous ways. You can simply talk about it on your platform or provide links to content that users find relevant.
  • Social Media Keeps You Engaged with Clients: Since people are always on social media, you can always strike up a conversation with people and learn more about your business. It is also a place where you can announce changes that you make or even launch new services.
  • It’s an Excellent Place to Promote Your Services: As long as you have a social media platform, talking about your business is free. You can also pay for promotions at reasonably affordable rates. 
  • It a Great Place to Get Feedback: Users on social media will always give you feedback on your business, whether you ask for it or not. Positive comments serve as encouragement, while negative ones guide you towards what needs improving.
  • It Fosters Trust in Potential Clients: Once you’re reliable on social media platforms, it then promotes a positive attitude among users. They’ll then be able to tell other people, ‘I trust them because I contacted them on Facebook, and they responded helpfully.’
  • Social Media Is Useful for Managing Your Reputation: The most common place where a brand’s reputation falls is on social media. Having an account allows you to mitigate any issues that may arise concerning your brand correctly.
  • Social Media Drives Growth: Having a social media platform allows you to expand your business by merely increasing the number of people who know you. The more followers you have, the greater your growth potential.

It Betters Your Customer Service: A lot of customers now communicate with brands through social media. Immediate and helpful interactions are now possible because users are just a chat box away. 

White Brand Management LikeBrand Management Reputation

As long as you have a platform on the internet, then brand management is always essential to keep your business standing. The internet always has new things to throw at you that could ruin your business, and this is what brand management mitigates. The following are the most critical aspects of managing a brand:

  • Reputation: Without a good reputation, it’s almost guaranteed that no one will seek your services. The main form of reputation building on the internet is through reviews and comments. Part of reputation building is responding to both positive and negative reviews. Once users see that you’re committed to positively responding to reviews, they’re more likely to seek your services.
  • Citations: The internet is a large space with information sprawling out of every corner. Once you list your business, keeping track of all your information can be tiresome. This is even harder when you need to update your business information of the numerous directors and applications. Getting a reliable company to take care of your citations is the best way to go. 

Types of Entertainment or Recreation Businesses We Help

  • Adventure Clubs and Tours
  • Jeep Tours
  • Kayaking and Rafting Trips
  • Guided Tours
  • Segway Tours
  • Biking Tours
  • Guided Fishing Trips
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Paintball Excursions
  • Cultural Tours
  • Museum Tours
  • Guided Hiking Trips

How Do I Get Started?

Once you contract BizIQ for your marketing needs, we immediately get to work. Our team first analyses your existing strategies, including your website and digital platforms. We then review all the things we’ve gathered and then develop a plan to improve your technique. This is also when we introduce you to new opportunities that can further your business. BizIQ professionals will then get to work and begin your business transformation as you focus on other aspects of your work.