How to Delete a Business on Google Maps

So, can a person delete their business from Google Maps? It’s kind of a trick question, and the short answer is – you can’t. Keep reading to find out the long answer and what you can do instead.

How do I delete my business from Google Maps

While you can remove a listing from your personal Google My Business account, you aren’t able to outright delete the information from Maps. Hence why the word never appears on your profile aside from warning you that your content — media such as videos and photos — will be lost if you complete the process.

What if the information about my company in Maps is wrong?

As is the case when on the Internet in general, once you’re on it, you’re there forever, whether you want to be or not. You can’t scrub details about your small business out thoroughly. As such, your best course of action when handling your online presence is to take control of your reputation and manage the details of your local listing to ensure they’re accurate.

That’s going to be a losing battle, and bad information can ultimately lead to bad reviews and a loss of business if not taken care of properly. It’s best that you take charge of things to maintain some control over how you appear to potential clients.

But I found a duplicate Google Maps listing for my organization.

You may also be able to merge your listing with another (assuming it is a duplicate for the same business). However, Google is picky about when it will allow this. Moreover, doing so will probably require working directly with their support team. That’s why it’s best to rely on a marketing professional if you’re trying to combine two or more listings into one!

My business is closed, why can’t I delete it from Google Maps?

If you want your business gone because it’s closed its doors or moved to a different location, mark it “permanently closed,” instead. There is an option to do this in your My Business dashboard, right above the “remove listing” button. Again, you can also remove the location from your GMB account, but it still will appear on Google Maps. Regardless, Google recommends you mark it permanently closed before deleting the listing.


While you can’t delete your business on Google Maps, you can make sure the information in your Google My Business listing is accurate. You can also monitor your listing to watch for duplicate listings, and notify Google when your business shuts down.

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