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How to Hide Your Address on Google Maps

It’s important to remember that Google has rather strict guidelines regarding the types of businesses that are allowed to display their full street address on Google Maps.

Do you visit customers at their location, or do they come to you? Do you operate out of your home or an apartment complex?

If your answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then your listing probably needs to have its address hidden. Instead, you’ll need to use a service area to let customers know where in your region you’re willing to travel.

A note about service area businesses and Google guidelines

Remember: service-area businesses, as per Google’s policies, cannot use a“virtual” office or another workaround — like a PO box or storage unit — to try to circumvent this rule and display an address at the same time.

A representative of your business must staff your business location during your regular operating hours and be able to receive clients to qualify as an acceptable location.

Violating these rules will lead to your listing being suspended, meaning that nobody will be able to find it!

Hiding your address on Google Maps and GMB is simple

To keep your listing up and available, then, you’ll need to hide your address.

  1. Log into Google My Business account
  2. Go to your listing’s information
  3. Clear your business address from the profile.
  4. Enter your service area

Make sure that you have an accurate service area entered to replace your address. If you don’t, Google will automatically supply one that covers the entirety of the United States. Unless you’re willing to travel almost anywhere in North America, you’ll want to make sure you’re more specific about the locations you serve. Google may flag listings with service areas that go beyond a more local radius.

So, that’s all there is to it. Remember to follow Google’s rules and your service area business listing will continue to appear on Google Maps without an address.

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