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How to Remove Reviews from Google

Google reviews do not require verification or approval before someone posts them. You can flag reviews from within your Google My Business account to alert Google support of an issue, but you cannot actually remove them yourself.

Customers leave reviews based on their experience. Google’s mission is to provide accurate information to its users, so you can’t just remove reviews without their approval.

How do You Flag a Google Review?

Before you flag a post, there are a few things you should ask yourself from Google’s policy:

  1. Is the review accurate, did the incident described occur?
  2. Am I just removing the review because it’s a bad review?
  3. Have I tried reconciling the situation with the reviewer?
  4. Is it a he-said vs. she-said situation?

What Makes Google Remove a Review?

Google wants to keep the integrity of their reviews, so they won’t just remove it because it’s a bad review. There needs to be a valid reason for it to be taken down.

To remove a Google review follow these instructions:

  1. Find your business on Google Maps
  2. Click on your reviews
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots and select “flag as inappropriate”

If you need to escalate the situation further, you can click the support button, found at the bottom of the page on your Google My Business home. If the review is considered slander and can be proven to be false, you can file a legal request with Google to remove the review.


Bad reviews are a pain. Try not to take them personally. Click on the link for more in-depth information on removing fake reviews as well as how to ask customers to remove negative reviews. And if you need help with reputation management, click on the chat bubble below to speak with a digital marketing expert or click here to email us.

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