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Annette Sugden
October 17, 2017 By:

5 Elements You Don’t Need On Your Website in 2017

It’s 2017 and online, the user experience is king. Today’s customers research products and services they’re interested in online before they decide on a purchase, 96% percent of them in fact. That means that nearly 100% of consumer’s first impression of your business happens online. Plus, user experience (UX) is... View Article

Annette Sugden
October 16, 2017 By:

What is SSL Encryption and Should You Have It?

Warning: The following post contains jargon in the form of what I like to refer to as “letter salad.” I’ve done my best to minimize and/or explain the letter salad or at least sprinkle it with large amounts of ranch dressing and bacon. If at any time you feel lost,... View Article

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