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Eutberto Alvarez

Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc.



“BizIQ ticks
all the boxes”

Vicki Langford

Langford Fence



“Keep calls constantly
coming in”

Randy Dalzell

Superior Concrete of Brevard, Inc.



“Sales have doubled,
on verge of trippling”

Mark Schmitt

Rawhide Golf Ball Co.



“Sustained results
with BizIQ”

Michael Park

Dreamworks Kitchen & Bath



“I'm #1 everywhere I drive in the city”

Chris Grayson

Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte



“We're definitely
getting more action”

Tanya Howlett

Coyote Hollow Construction



“Very informative,
extremely helpful”

Hilary Anderson

New Image by Hilary



“I can go about my business,
& run my business”

Ken Dave

Impulses Unlimited LLC



“BizIQ raised the professionalism
of my business”

Kevin Gritten

Champions Barber and Beauty Academy

Dave P.

Good help…

"BizIQ has been a good help for me to manage my business account online over the last year. I really appreciate their help...."
Robert L.

Increased our business…

"This company is professional and has already increased our business. Jessica Ruetz is very helpful. We have had other companies doing our website, which was not proactive in getting our name out there. This company is reasonably priced. We could not be more happy with them."
Von K.

Highest thanks…

"My highest thanks goes to Aaron Waugh of BizIQ! Soothing Arts Massage School has been in its current location since January, 2009. We have been dealing with a problem with Google Maps for the past 7 - 1/2 years. Our business was erroneously listed in the middle of U.S. Hwy 98 this whole time, leading to many confused calls from customers that could not locate my business. When I contacted Google, my complaints were ignored or corrected maps would be taken down in a period of a few days. It was maddening. Aaron researched the problem and went to work fixing the issue after discussing where the locator should be pointing, and after a few days the problem has been fixed. He deserves special recognition and my highest thanks!"
Mark B.


"I just started using BizIQ a couple of weeks ago. They called me to update my online listings. I have had another SEO company for 3 yrs, and when I saw how my online presence was not what it should have been, I asked the gentleman on the phone if they could take over the SEO and website. They did not pressure me to change companies, I was just that impressed with our conversation. So far, I have had more interaction with BizIQ, than in the 3 yrs I hade the other SEO company. Aaron and Trent are AWSOME! They actually want my input. I'm looking forward to a very long relationship with BizIQ."
Locksmithology Inc


"So far so good! William from Biziq contact me a few months ago to convince me to use thair Web optimization and local listing service. As you can imagine being in the locksmith business i get a lot of this every day. From some reason I agreed and I'm very happy for that. Aaron ia amazing! Im back on Google map local listing at 2nd position!! Thank you guys for keeping your promises."
Adam K.

Would recommend…

"Aaron at Biz IQ has been extremely helpful in productive in getting our web site on the first page of Google and in both states of Oregon and Arizona for the winter months. They have been very good at producing a web-site that is very professional and gets us a lot of business. They are so very personal in all of their efforts. We love their service and would recommend them above all others."
Linda K.

Very professional…

"Biz IQ has done an amazing job with our website and local listings. They are very professional and great to work with."
Ron B.


"I recommend most highly that anyone wishing to be noticed on the internet use the services of Biz IQ. My experience of about a year is nothing less than phenominal. Even though you may not ever personally meet your Biz IQ representative, I was fortunate enough to do so. I feel like they take a personal interest in my business and their advice has been invaluable. These are the kind of folks you only dream about hiring when you are looking for someone to advance your company."
Jason V.

Highly recommend…

"I highly recommend BizIq. They did two websites for me and I couldn't be happier, especially with the help I got from my account manager, Ayesha! Not only does she really know what she is doing but she takes a personal approach as if it is her own business. Her knowledge and helpfulness has made this process one of the best experiences I have had. Keep up the great work!"
Louie B.


"I have used BizIQ for my company's business for a few months now and I can surely attest to their work ethic and business professionalism to get your business on line advertising seen by potential customers. Their manager is pleasant, patient, kind and of coarse very knowledgeable and works very hard to get and keep your business up and running on the Internet. Thanks BizIQ!"
Frank M.

Real deal…

"I found my customer service person "Danni" easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable about what I need to do to make my site more search engine friendly. I would recommend this company to anyone desiring to make their site more search engine friendly. Many companies will give you the big sell and not deliver but Biziq is the real deal."
Julie P.

Saved my company…

"I own a small carpet business and late last year, during my busy season my business just dropped . I was upset because I didn't understand why this was happening. A friend of mine suggested I call Biz IQ, an internet marketing company. Biz IQ found the problem right away. The main reason for my crash, was due to my outdated website that was not mobile friendly. Biz IQ built my new updated website with lots of features... for a reasonable cost. They research and find the most prevalent key words! Thanks to Biz IQ... They saved my company!"
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