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Eutberto Alvarez

Sunstar Seal Coating, Inc.



“BizIQ ticks
all the boxes”

Vicki Langford

Langford Fence



“Keep calls constantly
coming in”

Randy Dalzell

Superior Concrete of Brevard, Inc.



“Sales have doubled,
on verge of trippling”

Mark Schmitt

Rawhide Golf Ball Co.



“Sustained results
with BizIQ”

Michael Park

Dreamworks Kitchen & Bath



“I'm #1 everywhere I drive in the city”

Chris Grayson

Cash 4 Junk Cars Charlotte



“We're definitely
getting more action”

Tanya Howlett

Coyote Hollow Construction



“Very informative,
extremely helpful”

Hilary Anderson

New Image by Hilary



“I can go about my business,
& run my business”

Ken Dave

Impulses Unlimited LLC



“BizIQ raised the professionalism
of my business”

Kevin Gritten

Champions Barber and Beauty Academy

Angela G.

Very pleasant…

"I'm so glad we came to BIZIQ to give our small business a " refreshing boost ". Our Account Manager was Aaron. He was very knowledgeable as well as efficient. A real professional ! Aaron really stayed on top of things with updates to keep me informed until our pages were up and running, All in all he did an outstanding job for our company, and was very pleasant to work with. Thanks Aaron & BIZIQ !!!"
Eva-Maria R.

With ease…

"Aaron Miles whom I have been working with to create my web page has been great in helping me every step of the way. At times I must have driven him crazy with my many questions. This was all new to me. He totally professionally walked me through the process with ease. Aaron I want to thank you for all your help. I love my web page."
Jeff G.

Job well done…

"I want to give a high five to Brittany from BizIQ for her help in getting more attention through google maps for our language programs in Costa Rica. It was not a easy transition for this information to happen as we worked on this together for the best fit. I had been working with another company and they had done nothing. No communication but only charged us a monthly fee with no follow up. Brittany not only moved us forward but enhanced our relationship with google by getting AEC Spanish Institute more potential exposure. She worked directly with google representatives to get the best advise and stayed in contact with me of any updates, suggestions and changes. In fact we will use this review process here shortly in our business because of Brittany's input. I look forward to working with BizIQ in other areas of our business as we move forward. Thanks Brittany job well done!!"
Gabby M.

Get the job done…

"Our company has used BizIQ for the last few years. Our working relationship has been pretty well and they know how to get the job done!"
Nancy D.

Five stars…

"I was with another website/ SEO company for two years and left because I saw limited results and different people handled each aspect of my program. (I never knew who to call when I had a problem!) Plus they "just didn't get" what we do here! So last spring I "sampled" BizIQ, had many of the same problems that I had elsewhere, BUT ONCE I CONNECTED WITH AARON at BizIQ, I was hooked!! Left my original SEO/ website handling company and am QUITE happy with the results! Aaron "gets" who our customers are and what we are all about! He pays close attention to our program, and seems to work on it almost constantly! Aaron is why I've stayed with BizIQ! Having ONE person to deal with who UNDERSTANDS my business and WORKS HARD at promoting it, is what I need! ....5-stars for Aaron!!!"
Dennis W.

Up to snuff…

"When I switched from another company Aaron worked me through the process, which wasn't easy, and has been helpful ever since. He calls once every couple of months to suggest changes and keeps things really up to snuff."
Andrew N.

Increased sales…

"Thank you very much for all your hard work. There are alot of companies that don't do what they say. I have lost lots of money to advertising. Wish I someone would have told me of BizIQ when I started my business 20 years ago. Being found on the internet organically, and by mobile is where the market is. Charlie Wohlers has been working with me for 2 years. I noticed my company is found before all but 3 carpet business in Topeka.I'm listed above multi million dollar companies, and there are alot of competitors in Topeka for carpet cleaning. That says alot for a small business like mine. Cutting out some of my other advertising, and doing more with BizIQ has increased sales, and lowered expenses."
Victor R.


"Ms Alexis St. Laurent is one of the many secret weapons of the BIZIQ enterprise. I would totally steal her away from the company if I ever had the chance to do so. I rapid fired questions at her, and she rapid fired answers back at me, concise, clear, totally understandable. It was clear to me that I had come in contact with a true professional! That is truly rare in these days, and I wish I had an 'Alexis' working for me in my company. I am a lucky man, because even though she is not working for me, in a way she 'is' working for me, and I feel grateful, to her, for my success."
Gary G.

Beyond the call of duty…

"I have been with Biziq for several years now, Evan Lawson is my contact and he and his company has always gone beyond the called of duty to help our company. We are a small construction based business and Evan has always been very patient with us as the internet completely over whelms us most of the time. I highly recommend BizIq for your internet marketing partner. Gary at Fence Crafters Alabama"
Bobby S.

The right move…

"They took my website and made it doubly lovely and has received not only hits but calls and best of all hiring a Wedding Minister. They used some of my photos, and selected others to show the Wedding Ministers business in the best possible light. It has been the right move for me. They encourage me to keep adding to it and working to make it even better. Give it a try and you too could be doing much better in whatever you are offering."
Eric J.

Very happy…

"I've been working with Charlie sense January and am very happy with the help he provides and his honesty when he doesn't know something, he will find out and get back to me. Thank you !"
Patrick H.

Helped me…

"Biz IQ has helped me get into the digital internet world with their expertise. More business is starting to flow my way. They continue to contact me to keep information current."
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