Beginner’s SEO Quiz

Think you have what it takes to successfully run a search engine optimization campaign? There’s only one way to find out… take our beginner’s SEO test!


Already know SEO… Don’t want to take the test? You can see the questions, options, and answers (bolded) listed below; just in case you’re wondering whether or not you do know the answers.

What does EAT stand for?

Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness
Expertise, Architecture & Testing
Earned Rate, Advertising & Target Market
Exposure, Advertorial & Tagline

Google is more likely to recommend a website that demonstrates one or more aspects of EAT
It’s hard to get anything done on an empty stomach
Google gives websites that demonstrate EAT more backlinks
It lets bloggers outrank larger organizations

Your Money or Your Life
Your Materiality or Your Loyalty
Yielding Margins or Yearning Loss
Yodler Marketing or Yipped List

Content that makes recommendations that affect someone’s future well being is heavily scrutinized by Google
Google ranks websites higher if they accurately demonstrate materiality and loyalty to readers
Either SEO campaigns yield margins or you’ll yearn the losses
Either use word-of-mouth digital marketing or a short list of influencers to promote a product/service

Search Console
Think with Google
Search Engine Results

Keyword Research
Creating Paid Ad Campaigns
Determining Where to Promote Content
Ranking Higher in Search Results

Doggie Daycare with Air Conditioning
Pet Hotel for Large Dogs
Doggie Daycare
Dog Pet Hotel

Longtail keywords are less competitive making them easier to rank for
Longtail keywords generate better targeted traffic
Longtail keywords have higher conversion rates
Longtail keywords make content more enjoyable to read

5 highly relevant backlinks from 5 domains
12 somewhat relevant backlinks from 3 domains
1 irrelevant backlink from 1 high pagerank domain
300 relevant backlinks from 1 high pagerank domain

Audience > Overview
Acquisition > Overview
Behavior > Overview
Conversions > Goals

Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
Audience > Overview
Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels
Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels

Admin > Goals > New Goal
Admin > Filters > Goals > New Goal
Admin > Tracking Info > Goals > New Goal
Admin > Channel Settings > New Goal

Screaming Frog
Google Keyword Planner

Latent Semantic Indexing
Lifestyle Strategic Investment
Loyalty Selling Integration
Loss-Selling Imagery

It improves a search engine’s overall contextual understanding of a webpage and increases the number of keywords associated with the page
It places a strong emphasis on strategic lifestyle marketing, which increases target search queries
It promotes search engine loyalty by selling products directly through integrated shopping APIs
It allows an SEO strategist to utilize imagery loss leaders in order to boost overall conversions




Enabling file compression, minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, and optimizing images
Removing as much text and imagery as possible
Enabling database compression, replacing contextual links with CSS buttons, making all image files PNGs
Upgrading to new hosting plan and rebuilding website with first contentful paint in mind






Help a Reporter Out
Hierarch Accountability Reporting Objectives
Holdover Audience Rate Observation
House Agency Rate Optimizations