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Organic SEO is one of the essential foundations of digital marketing and with 75 percent of searchers not getting past page one, if you’re not at the top you might as well be invisible.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services for Small Businesses

SEO is the process of optimizing and promoting website content that attracts potential customers via search engine at all stages of the buyer’s journey – awareness, consideration, and decision making.

Attract – Produce articles, graphics, videos, tools, research, etc. and promote it where customers are found.

Convert – Use CTAs and landing pages to foster phone calls, form fills, purchases, downloads, etc.

Close – Email drips, special offers, call monitoring, etc.

Delight – Produce guides, tutorials, conduct surveys, etc.

Here at BizIQ, we’re SEO experts. We’re familiar with the algorithms, or web crawlers, search engines use to “read” each page of your site. We help them determine what you’re all about, how your site relates to other pages, and ultimately, how relevant you are to the user’s search. If the search engine cannot find or read your website, it’s not going to be seen by customers.

We explain all the intricacies of SEO to you as we build your campaign. You are in the know on what updates or improvements we make to your website and why. Without having to do it yourself, you’re able to focus on other aspects of business and let us drive traffic to you.

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What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO still has the same purpose as traditional SEO, but it’s specifically geared towards large corporations with a high volume of pages. Plus it’s even more complicated than a regular SEO campaign. So it would help if you made sure a team of experienced SEO specialists, like BizIQ, handle the undertaking of your project.

As with other forms of search engine optimization, you are still going to choose keywords for your enterprise pages. At BizIQ, we walk you through the process and help you decide which keywords to use. We look at the ranking difficulty and your current competitors to see which keywords they use and which ones they rank for.

Another aspect of enterprise SEO that we handle is optimized templates. Due to the high volume of pages on your website, a template helps organize it all on the coding side. When you have a template in place, it prevents you from having to optimize each page.

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And when it comes to an enterprise company, your optimized template will pull from your content database and plug it into the appropriate page. Our specialists take on the tedious job of building your database, so you don’t have to spend your time writing out content for every product.

So, how do you know if enterprise SEO is right for your company? The size of your company, the number of products you offer, and the level of competition you have all go into determining if it’s the right option for you. If you’re a large company (in the fortune 1000) with a ton of pages on your website, enterprise SEO is essential for your corporation. Your business is too complex for traditional SEO. The competition is high at that level, and you need to be visible online to gain traffic to your site.

Even if you’re a smaller business, enterprise SEO could still be the right fit for you. For example, if you sell many products, and each one has a separate page on your website.

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How Does Organic SEO Differ From Local SEO?

Local SEO is essential if you’re a small business or a larger company with lots of locations or franchises because it targets the area surrounding a single shop. It’s specifically to help you gain visibility with the people in a specific city and surrounding towns. Geography is a present factor in local SEO.

Whereas with Organic SEO, there’s no local intent in the search. In other words, geography isn’t a factor in what the searcher is looking for. They’re not looking in a specific region, they’re searching across the entire internet and want the most relevant results based on that.

As you can imagine, the competition is more intense for organic SEO than with local SEO. That’s because you’re competing with quite a few more businesses than just those in your local area. Trying to compete in this arena is extremely difficult if you’re not well versed in SEO. As one of the few Google Partners worldwide, BizIQ has top quality optimization knowledge and experience when implementing SEO for your business. We help you understand organic SEO and how it helps your company, without you taking on the complicated workload.

If your business has multiple locations, you should aim to rank in both local and organic searches. Certain aspects of local SEO automatically impact your organic SEO efforts, like claiming your business in Google My Business or updating information in online listings. Each of these listings provides a link back to your website, which helps your organic SEO (see link building).

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Why SEO Matters to Your Business

Google occupies 75% of the overall search market and is the most visited website in the world and the majority of the world’s population searches on Google at least once a day (Search Engine Journal, 2018).

What are they searching for? 87% of people start their product search online, and by not having an SEO strategy in place you’re missing out on a large chunk of potential business (Salesforce, 2018).

Organic SEO plays a significant role in your company’s website gaining traffic. Most people decide if they’re interested in what you’re offering without leaving Google. Your window for grabbing customers attention is small. There’s a limited amount of space, characters, and words that Google uses for its search engine results.

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SEO helps paint a clear picture of who you are. If you’re not optimizing your site to its fullest potential, you’re missing out on customers. BizIQ knows the ins-and-outs of SEO and can ensure your business isn’t missing out on valuable search page real estate.

An optimized site not only increases your visibility, but it also builds trust with your customers. When you optimize your website for SEO, you bring visitors information in a way that’s straightforward and easy to navigate. With this method, customers stay on your site longer because they’re able to find what they’re looking for without going on a wild goose chase.

Contact us today to start building credibility with your customers while growing your business at the same time.

How Website Design Affects SEO

Poor website design is a slippery slope. When visitors can’t navigate your site easily, they leave your page. That increases your bounce rate, hurts your search results rankings, and means your website is less visible online. Not to mention you push searchers into the arms of your competitors.

Here are some common website design flaws:

  • Poor content
  • Text is hard to read
  • Not mobile responsive
  • Hard to navigate – no clear site hierarchy

Our team of web designers understands how to build a website that visitors don’t want to navigate away from. We will work with you to create a well-designed site that also reflects your business. Every site we build is fully optimized and has clear navigation.

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4 Important Onpage SEO Activities

Onpage SEO involves using all the components of optimization and applying them to each page of your site. It combines what visitors will see – the content, the products – with code that they won’t.

More importantly, on-page SEO helps you rank by relevance. For your business, this means greater visibility to searchers with an intent to buy. When you allow BizIQ to help build your site, it will clearly communicate its message with search engine crawlers. That matches your page with search queries of the same intent, putting you in front of your target audience.

4 Onsite Optimization Considerations

At BizIQ, we utilize the following techniques to provide you with fully optimized on page SEO.

#1 Content

We have a thorough interview process where we learn about your company and hear your story. We take that information and use it to create content for your site. It’s important to have a good chunk of content on each page. We weave in keywords to help web crawlers determine if your site matches a query.

#2 Keywords

There’s a lot more that goes into defining your keywords than choosing words relevant to your industry. You have to look at things like word competition, and cost per click (CPC), then choose different words for each page. We walk you through these steps at BizIQ and work with you to select keywords that will produce the best results. It can take some time to see progress from keywords and occasionally it might be “back to the drawing board” if you’re still not ranking.

#3 Alt & Title Tags

Your title tag is displayed in SERP and gives information on what your searchers will find on the web page itself. It’s an overview and a preview all at the same time, and you need to make it fit within about 70 characters. That can be a hard task, so BizIQ created a Title Tag Tool to help. The title tag also appears in the browser tab.

Alt tags are used for images. They are short text descriptions of the image so that web crawlers can read them and so that it meets ADA requirements.

#4 Headings

There can be multiple tags for headers depending on how many sub-points you have, but the most important is your H1 header. It’s another method web crawlers use to rank your page by relevance.

Many moving parts are coming together to create a fully optimized page. BizIQ makes it easy! We work with you to create a website that will gain visibility and ultimately, traffic. The complexities of organic SEO are taken off your hands without leaving you in the dark. Our team explains what’s going on, without you having to learn how to do it.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is everything going on behind the scenes, in the code. Visitors can’t see it and don’t realize that it’s there, but it’s what allowed them to find your site in a search. The code gives instructions to search engines on how to properly crawl your site and makes sure they’re able to index your site in the first place. Technical SEO is the backbone of an SEO campaign. It is the make-it or break-it factor.

5 Technical Considerations

The following items require consideration for technical SEO:

#1 Content

On the technical SEO side, content is critical to monitor for duplicates or anything that might confuse web crawlers. Duplicate content can hurt your rankings. At BizIQ, we work to prevent this from happening by providing you with unique content for each page, or deindexing pages when necessary.

#2 Speed

Slow loading speed is a leading cause of visitors leaving your site. Your bounce rate hurts your rankings in SERP. As a result, you’re automatically losing customers who don’t want to wait for the page to load. Our technical SEO team optimizes every page on your site with quick loading speeds.

#3 Optimized for Mobile

This is an absolute must in today’s day and age. Most people browse on their phones. Non-responsive websites are not optimized for mobile, are tricky to navigate, and you lose visitor interest. It also increases your bounce rate. All of BizIQ’s sites are mobile-friendly and employ responsive design to adjust to any screen size automatically.

Technical Seo Considerations Graphic

#4 Navigation/Sitemap

The framework of your site’s navigation lies in the code. BizIQ makes it easy for web crawlers to know which pages to crawl. That helps establish your relevance and match your business’ site to related searches.

#5 Alt Text

Alt text does appear on the page in certain situations, but it’s an essential component of technical SEO as well. As mentioned previously, this tag allows search engines to crawl your images based on the description. BizIQ technical SEO’s write optimized alt text for your site.

With how vital and how complex technical SEO is, it’s wise to leave it up to a professional. Our experienced coders set the standard for “best practice” and are always ahead of industry standards.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating and publishing content to build trust, establish authority, and growing a relationship with your customers. It can include any form of content – articles and blogs, photos, videos, etc. The main focus of this content is becoming a reliable and consistent source of information related to your industry.

With creative marketing, you have more freedom to discuss industry-specific information, rather than just content specific to your company. However, you should always find a way to tie in your business without it being a shameless plug. By providing tips and tricks, relevant news, how-to videos, and really anything that your customers will care about, you build loyalty and trust with them.

In a nutshell, here’s why content marketing matters:

  • Connects and builds trust with customers
  • Establishes authority in your industry
  • Builds recognition & brand loyalty
  • Drives sales

Before implementing content marketing for your company, BizIQ will help you decide which medium you should focus on first. Starting with just one, in the beginning, helps determine what works and what doesn’t. Luckily, we work with many different industries, so we have a solid grasp on what brings the best results.

Remember, the goal of content marketing is to bring the reader (and customer) closer to the company. You want to build a strong relationship with them by providing valuable information they can trust. They are loyal to your company because of that established trust – they don’t want to shop anywhere else.

Content marketing is a handful. It requires you to pour a lot of time and resources into it to be done well. BizIQ has the resources to take this off your plate and create the content for you.

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Link building falls under the category of off-page SEO because it leads off the page. It’s an effective way to gain traffic to your website and improve its ranking on search engines like Google. Some links point to your page, and some links lead away from your page to other pages.

When links on other websites lead to your page, they help establish the authority of your site and your organization. Web crawlers put more weight on your sight because they see it as being more valid. However, they can tell the difference between a valid link and a bogus one, so don’t buy a bunch of paid links.

Linking to other sites is easy and doesn’t require approval by the owner. You can also link to another page on your website, called internal linking. This action is helpful because the viewer stays within your company’s site. Internal links also help search engines understand how your website is organized as well the main topic clusters there.

When would you utilize internal links? If you have a company blog that you’re referencing on a page or another blog, you can add the link for viewers to visit.

Gaining outside links to your site is a little more tricky. Here are some methods you can use:

  • Influencers. Don’t overlook them; they have large audiences that trust them.
  • Listing & Editorial Review Sites. Sites like Yelp or Yellow pages and other more in-depth review sites can help with link building. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those sites that review products and ask them to critique yours. As for the listings sites, make sure you claim your business.
  • Partnerships. Propose an exchange with a business that is in your industry but not a competitor that benefits both parties involved.
  • Find Internal Links. You can also link-build with internal links. If you have blog posts that are similar or want to reference a page that goes into more depth on a subject, internal linking is the perfect fit. The best part about internal links is that they drive all the traffic back to you, and you don’t need to collaborate with anyone on approvals.

Link building is time-consuming, but BizIQ’s team of experts adds links throughout your site. When we create content for your company, we utilize link building strategies to make your organic SEO campaign even more effective.

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Ready to Take Your Organic SEO Efforts to the Next Level?

To run a successful organic SEO campaign, all of these components need to be factored in. While it may seem daunting, we have years of experience walking thousands of companies through our process, explaining what we’re doing and why. It looks like a big task, but with BizIQ on your team, you can conquer organic SEO and that front page of Google.

Grow Your Reach & Build Authority with Organic SEO

When your business needs to cast a wider net and reach customers nationally or internationally, Organic SEO is your solution. Our strategists combine tried and true on and off-page SEO techniques coupled with extensive content marketing and brand building to establish your business a leader in your space.

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