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According to Business Insider, 80% of companies will use ChatBots on their websites by the end of 2020, 79% of 2019 web visitors indicated that they prefer to do business with a site that offers a ChatBot, and over 60% of visitors said they’d be more likely to return to a website if a ChatBot is available.

ChatBots are Great for Local Businesses

The reasons for all the recent fuss about ChatBots are clear. To put it simply, ChatBots make life easier for both website visitors and business owners. When it comes to the time-consuming task of responding to online inquiries from existing and potential customers, a ChatBot does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Let’s face it. Our society is becoming increasingly averse to good old fashioned phone calls. According to Facebook, 56% of people would much rather message a business than pick up the phone and call. This can be good news or bad news for you as a business owner. Good news if you have a ChatBot because you’re not only saving valuable time by letting your bot do the hard work. Bad news, however, if you don’t have a ChatBot on your website since you’re potentially missing out on great leads.

We Include BizIQ ChatBot with all Local Marketing Packages at No Cost to You

Beginning in 2020, we’re excited to announce that BizIQ ChatBot will now be included in every Local SEO Package at no additional cost!

There are two versions of BizIQ ChatBot currently available:

BizIQ ChatBot Basic

Get all the ChatBot functionality your growing business needs with ChatBot Basic. Included with our Get Noticed package, your BizIQ ChatBot will be designed to match the look and feel of your website. Additional customization options not included.

BizIQ ChatBot Premium

Create a more branded chat experience with BizIQ ChatBot Premium. Included with the Big Impact and Complete Solution Local Marketing Packages, you’ll gain access to additional customization options including color changes and conversation edits.

Please note: We built our ChatBot based on best practice and years of knowledge and experience in our industry. It is designed to increase customer engagement and generate leads. While we can make reasonable edits for the Premium service – add a question, change a word, etc. – we do not recommend an overhaul.

ChatBot FAQ

What Is a bot?

According to Merriam-Webster, a bot is a computer program that performs automatic repetitive tasks.The key terms here are repetitive and automatic. Humans can perform a lot of tasks but they are limited by time and speed. Bots, on the other hand, can perform the same repetitive tasks – only faster and with no human hand-holding.

What types of bots are there?

There are many types of bots. Bot type is based on the specific task it was programmed to do and the environment it was designed to operate in.

For instance, there are internet bots that crawl websites to fetch and analyze data (known as web crawlers). Bots can also control video game characters to gather resources or fight hostile non-player characters (farm-bots). And of course, there are bots that interact conversationally with human users (ChatBots).

What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot is a bot type that simulates human conversation (a chat). Its main role is to automate the process of interaction with website visitors and social media followers. Think of the ChatBot as a robot that answers questions round-the-clock. ChatBots interact with humans via a chat interface or SMS (text messaging). Chat presence on the website is usually indicated by an icon which opens a chat window.

What is the Chat window?

The window is where users will interact with the ChatBot. Options for Chat, Leave a Review, and Click to Call will be available. The chat window will open by default after the customer spends 3 seconds on the website. Its location will be indicated by a small chat widget in the bottom right corner of the website. The widget is extremely useful. First of all, it lets the visitors know that chat is available. And secondly, the widget is much smaller than a full chat window so it takes less space on the screen. While the chat window can be closed when conversations are complete, the widget will always be visible for the customer to re-engage the window at any time.

Will my customers get annoyed?

On the contrary. With over 80% of websites expected to be utilizing ChatBots by the end of 2020, your website visitors have likely seen and interacted with a ChatBot before. In fact, most website visitors actually prefer a website that has a ChatBot available. They can submit their questions, and get basic answers without having to even pick up the phone. The numbers don’t lie. ##% of site visitors are more likely to return to a website that has a ChatBot.

Are There Different Types of ChatBots?

Yes. There are generally two types of ChatBots distinguished:

Rule-Based ChatBots

Rule-based ChatBots scan for keywords in inputs they receive to recognize the question.

These types of ChatBots rely on keywords, much like a search engine. Let’s say you type “I’m looking for a kid’s watch” in a chat. What the ChatBot recognizes and processes are the keywords “kid’s watch” and “looking for” phrases. The ChatBot then checks its predefined answers and returns a matching reply based on those keywords.

Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing ChatBots

Some AI-powered ChatBots leverage machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver more natural conversation. In some instances, users may not even be aware that they are interacting with a bot.

Will BizIQ ChatBot be Rules-Based or utilize Natural Language Processing?

At this time, BizIQ ChatBot will be rules-based, with plans to create options for live chat and utilize additional AI-powered functionality in later phases. Rules-based ChatBots are a great fit for most small businesses as they are easy for most business owners to manage, easy for most visitors to interact with, and function as a high-powered automated lead-gathering machine.

How much can BizIQ ChatBot really help with customer service?

Quite a lot. Just think of BizIQ ChatBot as your virtual assistants. ChatBots can do all those small things that make a big difference: respond immediately to website visitors, gather information regarding their needs, and coordinate a prompt response from you and your team.

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