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The professional team at BizIQ is AWESOME. They have been very attentive to my business objective and understand the complexities of my marketing challenges. Search results are always top tier. Money very well spent.
Robert N.

BizIQ delivers!

I am very impressed with the service BizIQ delivers! Not only are my calls with them informative but they have patience and suggestions for me. BizIQ is taking the time to show me they are a company that cares about my success as a business!
Cindy M.

Response has been terrific

I’m not sure why I tried BizIQ instead of the other 500 Google solicitation calls I get but I’m so glad I did! They are very professional and have taken over our neglected Google pages. In just a few days the response has been terrific.
Mark E.

The right job

Biz IQ is providing the data my business needs to grow. I can tell from customer leads that they are doing the right job. My Client Success Manager is providing the skill and patience I lack to make my website work. Thank you
Mark B.

Best business decision

Going with Biz IQ was the best business decision I’ve ever made! Our Client Success Manager does a fantastic job keeping our web presence up-to-date and keeping us informed about our Google standing and what we need to do to succeed on the internet.
Harry J.

Worth every penny!

BizIQ is awesome! Our Client Success Manager goes above and beyond to meet our needs! We’ve had increased business since implementing our website, which is fabulous, by the way. Plus our google presence has gotten us plenty of business too! It’s so nice to not have to worry about the technological things because BizIQ takes care of it! Worth every penny!
Amy A.

I get results!

I’ve been working with BizIQ for 5 years now… With BizIQ I went from a web “page” to a full-blown website. I love my website, because it is unique in relation to the other (3 main) tax practictioner website creators. They are all canned, boiler plate websites. By visiting my competitors websites, you know which company built the site. I got to put my wants and needs in the whole process. My personality shows. When I ask my colleagues about the results they get from their websites, they all say zippo, nada. A waste of money in their eyes. They only have it because it is expected. Not mine, I get results!!
Christina C.

Would highly recommend

Outstanding service is the only word that comes to mind. My Client Success Manager made this whole process so smooth and easy, she was and is very patient and knowledgeable and just a delight to work with. Would highly recommend BizIQ in a hearbeat.
Richard M.

Exceeded my expectations

I have owned my business for 36 years and have advertised in different markets through the years. My decision to work with BizIQ has met and exceeded my expectations. In this day of online shopping, it makes sense to have a good web appearance and they can do it.
Neal H.

Highly professional

I have been working with this organization for a while now. They are highly professional and have helped me immensely. I have worked with other similar groups in the past only to find they can’t deliver as promised. Working with BizIQ has been a pleasurable experience and I would recommend them highly.
John G.

We are very happy

BizIQ has helped our business so much! They promised and delivered! We are very happy with their service, our web presence and all the follow up support we get!
CharLee B.

Highly recommend BizIQ

Our business recently hired BizIQ to create our website. They have created the best website we have ever had. We have been impressed by their customer service and how quickly they do the necessary changes we require for our ever changing inventory and needs. We would highly recommend BizIQ to any business in need of a professional website.
Norman S.

Remarkable job

Our Client Success Manager has done a remarkable job building our web sight. Her professionalism and knowledge is great. I never dreamed my business could look so good on a website. All my new customers have said they found us on google. Thank you very much. I look forward to a look relationship with them.
Michael C.

Outstanding work commitment

BizIQ are very proffessional and satisfying to work with. We’ve been working with them for several months and in those time frame we have really seen the difference in our business. Thank you to the whole BizIQ crew for an outstanding work commitment.
Carlos G.

Count on them

These folks are great! They DO what they say the DO unlike others that just promise. You can count on them.
Mike B.

10 stars

I have been solicited by hundreds of people but nobody could ever compare to BizIQ’s first class service and professionalism. Very fair pricing and unparalleled expertise. Couldn’t be happier. I would give 10 stars if it was an option.
Don S.

Visibility across the web

Our company had a decades old web site, that was not serving us very well in todays technology. BizIQ worked with us to provide a vast amount of visibility across the web. We are a small Organic Fertilizer company that deals with older farmers, and new younger farmers that we where not reaching with the web site we a had, and print media. As a business we are not very tech smart, but the team at BizIQ worked with us very diligently to create a very excellent web site, and has continued to walk us thru all the programs to make us more visible in todays tech world. I look forward to a continuing partnership. BizIQ, Thanks for all the help.
Gerald A.

Better business

Our business has been using BizIQ for the past year and they have been amazing. They have helped us put together a beautiful web site that has meet all our needs. When ever we have an idea he supports it and gets the job done. They even helped us get old marketing removed so we had one clear web presents. Our customers are now using the website to create pricing for their customers. This has increased our employees availability too assistance other customers. Who knew a good web site can make us a better business! Thanks BizIQ
Lindsay C.

knowledgeable & patient

Aaron and the biziq staff are wonderful. They did everything for me facebook page, website, google listing, maintence. Being in business for over 40 years the internet age passed me up. All my advertising was focus in the yellow pages, and then biziq came to me and expertly explained how to bring my company into the 21 century. The staff is knowledgeable and patient; even after answering my 101 questions about the internet. I enjoy and look forward to our quarterly talks and updates. Thank you Biziq.
Anthony V.

Marketing specialists

From the first phone call…through the set up…and now as we work together getting the search engine verification complete…This has been one of the BEST experiences I’ve ever had with advertising. Actually…setting up advertising with BizIQ was fun and exciting. For the first time I felt like THIS WILL WORK…and I’m confident the support team will be easy and great to work with…I would recommend this group of local marketing speciaiists to anyone!
Juanita G.

Very satisfied

Finding BizIQ was one of the best things we could have done for our business. Making the decision to hire BizIQ to redesign our website, create online listings and improve our presence on the web was a decision we did not take lightly. We were a bit hesitant to take on such a big project. Working with our account manager made a big difference for us. He was exceptional! He called us often, informed us step by step what our part in the transition would be and most of all HE FOLLOWED THROUGH! (Our old web guy would take 2 weeks sometimes to return messages.) We are very satisfied with the service we have received. We have definitely seen an increase in business as a direct result of the work of Biz IQ. The team at BizIQ rocks!
Margo N.

Thank you

BizIQ is a internet marketing company that truly does what they say they are going to do! And believe me that is very hard to find in this industry!! Thank you Thank you ThankYou BizIQ!!!
Matt C.

Best seo company

Hands down the best seo company in business!! Our Client Success Manager is the most honest and hard working person I have had the pleasure of working with! This company can change your future. Thank you guys for all your hard work.
James H.

Uncomplicated & easy

Since working with BizIq we have already noticed a clime in our daily bottom line. Customers new to our small town have easily found us and have come in to buy eyeglasses that would probably have gone to one of our competitors instead. Thanks to the team that has made everything so uncomplicated and easy. Look forward to many years of growth.
Eve H.

It is what I needed

I was with another website/ SEO company for two years and left because I saw limited results and different people handled each aspect of my program. (I never knew who to call when I had a problem!) Plus they “just didn’t get” what we do here!… So last spring I left my original SEO/ website handling company and am QUITE happy with the results! BizIQ “gets” who our customers are and what we are all about! They pay close attention to our program, and seems to work on it almost constantly! Having ONE person to deal with who UNDERSTANDS my business and WORKS HARD at promoting it, is what I needed!
Nancy D.

Increased sales & lowered expenses

Thank you very much for all your hard work. There are alot of companies that don’t do what they say. I have lost lots of money to advertising. Wish I someone would have told me of BizIQ when I started my business 20 years ago. Being found on the internet organically, and by mobile is where the market is…I noticed my company is found before all but 3 carpet business in Topeka. I’m listed above multi million dollar companies, and there are alot of competitors in Topeka for carpet cleaning. That says alot for a small business like mine. Cutting out some of my other advertising, and doing more with BizIQ has increased sales, and lowered expenses.
Andrew N.

So pleased

I am so pleased with BizIQ. I have been working with them for several months. For the first time I did the right thing in hiring them to assist me with increasing my business. If only I had made time to follow their advice sooner. Then my success would be even greater. I have moved onto page one of the internet in my area and in my field. I am actually getting quality calls and emails which have actually turned into business for me. I heartily recommend hiring BizIQ if you want to increase your business.
Jan W.


Great company to work with. The people are fantastic and do great job eliminating the hassle of what could otherwise be a very daunting and time consuming task. The increase in traffic has been amazing, and even the website itself generates a surprising amount of business for us. Thanks so much to all of you. Keep up the great work.
Tim M.

Help build your business

Biz IQ is a great company the employees are extremely helpful. The representative that I used takes care of every request in a timely manner and calls me on a monthly basis just to see how I am doing. The rates that they charge are reasonable and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a great company to help you build your business!
Cheryl H.

Orders keep coming

BizIQ has help my business grow, the calls and orders keep coming every day. I didn’t think I needed to expand to this kind of help but I’m so glad I did. BizIQ is very affordable and always willing to help.
Deborah F.

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