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Marketing your house cleaning company online is critical because of fierce competition due to the multitude of options consumers have. Today’s consumers are also more prone to researching companies on the internet first, so that’s where they need to find you, front and center.

6 Reasons To Market Your House Cleaning Business Online

You may operate from one physical location or own multiple locations. You may alsour potential clients mayo sell related cleaning products, or not. Either way, you need online promotion to succeed in your business today.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of promoting your house-cleaning business online.


Wider Reach

Your reach into your target market will expand exponentially, overcoming barriers to potential customers. You can sell your services online and avoid many of the costs of physically advertising locally.


More Convenient

It is simply more convenient for consumers to search for a local house-cleaning company online when they have time, versus fitting it into your available schedule. Your online information should answer most of their questions, saving you time as well.


Increasing Importance of Social Media

The Harvard Business School Executive Education website contains an article highlighting a link between networking and online revenue growth. The article states that a 5% increase in sales was reported among a group of consumers who were most strongly influenced by digital networks.


Costs Less

Online promotion costs less than marketing through a physical location. You may also offer cleaning products or equipment for sale. In that case, you don’t have the recurring expense of property rental or maintenance.

You also don’t have to maintain a large physical inventory but can order them according to demand instead.


Establishes Relationships

Marketing online offers the opportunity to build relationships with customers and increase retention levels. After your customer purchases your services, you can begin with a confirmation of the transaction and a thank you.

Post-service, ask for a review. And finally, keep in touch with your customers with exclusive, customized offers for them.


Personalize Offers

It’s easy to personalize online offers to potential clients by building a profile of their online purchasing history and their preferences. Consumers are continuously being tracked in their internet searches and purchases; you can use this data to your advantage.

What are My Options for Digital Marketing?

Keep in mind that all your online efforts serve to drive consumers to your website, into your sales funnel, and ultimately to conversion.

White Website Icon Website Design and Development

Your website provides the basis of all your other online promoting efforts. A professional website is critical to having a successful company in today’s world. It must be easy to navigate, answer your target market’s questions, and offer a clear solution to their problem.

Every piece of content, every type of communication, and every advertisement will drive consumers back to your website. And all of it needs to be consistent with your brand.

White Chat SocialSocial Media

Social media has become an increasingly popular tool for companies today, and there are many compelling reasons why you should be using it, too.

  • Brand Recognition
    Social media helps you establish your brand’s character and build brand awareness. You can connect with consumers on an emotional level by allowing your personality to show through, which will help separate your brand from that of your competitors.
  • Increased Trust
    Consumers need a reason to buy from you. There are so many options from which to choose, and they can quickly become overwhelmed. When potential customers see you are active on social media, they are encouraged to take a chance with you.Your engagement shows that you care about your customers, also that if something goes wrong, they can reach you.
  • Content Promotion
    Providing consistent, quality, and relevant content is critical to attracting new customers. You can increase awareness of every article or post by letting people know about it on your media channels.This combination is an effective way of attracting new customers, and it presents you as an authority in your area of expertise.
  • Customer Engagement
    Regular engagement with your customers keeps your company or brand alive in your customers’ minds. Having that relationship puts you in a position to influence purchasing decisions, foster customer loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Drive Website Traffic
    Being active on social media will drive traffic to your website, playing an essential role in your sales funnel. Social media is a search engine optimization ranking signal.This means that if you are popular and offer valuable content, Google will view your website as authoritative, one of the signals that help your website ranking.
  • Better Customer Service
    Social media occurs in real-time. The real-time factor makes it possible to answer pre-sale questions promptly, leaving a positive impression on your potential customers. Better customer service encourages sales and promotes brand loyalty.
  • Manage Reputation
    Managing your reputation online is essential for any company, and social media makes it easy to do this. Responding to all reviews, positive or negative, is essential.Responding professionally and sensitively to negative reviews shows that you care and are willing to make things right. If a negative review is unjustified, you can quickly and respectfully diffuse the situation.
  • Gain Customer Insights
    Don’t overlook the importance of staying in touch with customer needs, wants, and ideas through feedback.

Staying in touch with your customers will help direct your website content and service or product offerings, making them more relevant and desirable to your customers.

White Citations ImprovementsSearch Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical factor in online promotion that determines your ranking in any search engine.

  • SEO Builds Trust
    Building trust and credibility take time, just as establishing your brand takes time. Becoming a trusted authority is one of the elements that go into search engines like Google to determine your ranking.
  • SEO Saves Money
    Think of SEO as a company investment rather than a promotional expense. It’s an investment in your brand that will continue to pay off the more you pay attention to it, benefitting your bottom line with relatively little actual investment.
  • SEO Organic Search
    Often the primary source of website traffic, organic search is a crucial component of the buyer funnel that will eventually lead to a conversion.
  • Local SEO Means Success
    The purpose of local search engine optimization is to optimize your digital properties for a particular geographic area so that people can find you quickly and easily.Local SEO leads to increased engagement, more traffic, and more conversions.
  • SEO Changes Continually
    Because Google is always changing the way the search world runs, constant monitoring is required to stay ahead of the competition and keep your website on Page One. This is time-consuming, but we can stay on top of these algorithms for you and adjust strategy accordingly.
  • SEO is Measurable
    Brands want to know and understand their digital performance in the past, presently, and where they want to go.Although search engine optimization isn’t as easy to calculate the ROI as paid searches are, you can still measure performance with the right tracking and analytics.

White Piggy BankPPC

Pay-Per-Click ads are advertisements that you pay for only when someone clicks on them through to your website. Understanding how PPC works is essential for understanding what you can do with it to monetize and grow your company.

Ask about advertising on Facebook, Bing, and Google!

Here are some of the most critical components of PPC advertisements:

  • Keyword Strategy
    Choose your main keywords considering what your target audience might search for. Think about what they really want to know and go with those. Also, don’t use too many variations on the main keywords; instead, stick with the most important ones.
  • Concerted Effort
    A well-run PPC account must have keywords, landing pages, and ad copy that is consistent, relevant, and work together for the same objective.
  • Conversion Tracking
    Although conversion tracking can be difficult, you still need to know if your paid search methods are working. What happens before someone clicks?This involves your keywords, ad copy, and offers. What happens after they click? The click takes them to your landing page. How is that doing?All these separate metrics are essential to your bottom line.
  • Google Display Network (GDN)
    Google Display Network will help you target your selected geographic area as well as add other limiting filters or layers.Each time you add a new layer in GDN, the more targeted the potential reach of your ad.

White Brand Management Like Brand Management

Your reputation is everything in business. Customer reviews are crucial for establishing trust and authority in the marketplace. Unfortunately, positive reviews aren’t guaranteed. What can you do when that happens?

  • Reputation
    BizIQ has helped thousands of companies monitor and manage their online reputations. You are busy running your business, but you still need to respond to your customers’ reviews, positive and negative. You want to foster a relationship that goes beyond the sale, even if it’s a one-time cleaning job.

    The worst thing to do is ignore a negative review, whether it’s justified or not. Our experienced reputation management professionals can help turn around negative reviews and foster positive customer reviews.

  • Citations
    Citations are references to your company information that appear in directories throughout the internet. There are literally hundreds of online directories where this information can appear, including apps like Yelp or Google My Business.

    The information about your company must be accurate in every single online reference. Any change, duplication, or inaccuracy can end up damaging your business. You need help keeping your information current no matter where it pops up.

We help you optimize your business information so that your potential clients can always find you quickly and easily.

Residential Cleaning

Types of House Cleaning Businesses We Help

Many house-cleaning companies today specialize in a niche area due to varying customer needs. Your potential clients may want to market their home, or they may be busy professionals in need of ongoing, regular house clean-up. Or perhaps they are expecting out-of-town guests and need a one-time cleaning. Whatever their need, they must be able to find you before they can hire you.

At BizIQ, we can design a strategic digital marketing program that will do just that.
Here are the types of house-cleaning businesses we help get seen and remain forefront in your customers’ minds:

  • Whole-Home Clean-up
  • Kitchen Clean-up
  • Move-In/Out Cleaning
  • Deep Clean Services
  • Subscription-Based Cleaning
  • One-Time Clean-up Services

How Do I Get Started?

We’ve helped thousands of companies grow their outreach and their bottom line through our experienced, professional, and caring digital advertising experts. How do you begin? Start with a personalized, complimentary website and digital promotion strategy analysis.

#1 Get a Complimentary Website and Digital Strategy Analysis

The first step is to contact us today for a complimentary analysis of your website and review your current digital strategy. We know what works and what doesn’t in a constantly changing digital world. Getting fresh eyes on and insights from experts who do this every day is a must and will cost you nothing.

#2 Review Findings and Opportunities

We’ll let you know what you’re doing right and where we can help you improve with our time-tested and proven strategies. We offer affordable services and packages to fit all your needs, providing solutions that work.

#3 Sit Back and Relax Knowing the Pros are at Work

Whether you have one location or many, we can optimize your digital marketing strategy to let each locality know your house-cleaning service is right there to help them with their need.

You can spend your time running your business while we handle all the details and intricacies of digital promotion that will bring new customers to you.

Our world-class professionals and experts have been helping small to medium-sized companies dominate in their local areas for years. Whether you need one piece of strategy or all of it, we have you covered!

Read our five-star reviews and client testimonials to see how we’ve helped thousands of companies grow and thrive, reaching and exceeding their goals. And all in a friendly, affordable, and helpful way.

Remember, customers are everywhere, so let us help them find you!

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