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While standard marketing practices can help to promote products and attract new customers, you will need to do much more if you are to stay ahead of the competition. Today, your reputation is an integral part of marketing since it is an indication of how customers perceive your brand and business. Creating a good reputation takes time and effort, but it can be ruined in an instant, which means you need to pay attention to reputation management while growing your business.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management refers to the effort to influence and control what and how people think of your brand and business, primarily online. The process involves activities such as tracking, monitoring, growing, influencing, and managing what people say about your business online. However, the ever-increasing activity across different digital channels can make the process complicated. Your company will not only need to successfully build and maintain a good reputation but also work on recovering from negative perceptions.

Some of the key elements of reputation management are review monitoring, responding to reviews, social monitoring, mention monitoring, responding to social mentions, and competitive benchmarking.

Why Reputation Management is Important

Today, 92 percent of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision. As such, positive reviews could widen your potential clients’ reach, while negative reviews will hurt your marketing and conversion efforts. Here are other reasons why reputation management is important:

Professional Image

Having a professional business image is an important marketing tool. For small businesses, reputation management strategies help to create a trustworthy image that ensures you attract more customers. Larger and more established businesses can use reputation management to maintain their image and eliminate negative perceptions. A professional image ensures that you distinguish yourself from the competition and convinces clients to do business with you.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Reputation management involves working to increase the number of positive reviews and reduce negative ones. Since positive reviews can help increase your SEO rankings, keeping an eye on what people are saying about your business online can boost your SEO efforts. The process may also include creating local profiles and listings that could boost your online visibility. In the end, it will be easier for customers to find and contact you.

Dispels Malicious Rumors and Correct Misleading Information

As much as you may be a reputable and trustworthy company, some malicious people will post incorrect information online that could ruin your reputation. As such, it would be important to correct such information in good time to protect your reputation. With the right tools and skills, you will be able to dispel rumors about your business and ensure your reputation remains intact.

A Better Understanding of Customer Wants and Needs

If you want to serve your customers better, you will need to know what is working and what is not. Online reviews are a great way for your business to get feedback from your customers and get to learn about their experiences doing business with you. You will want to go through all the reviews to get a better understanding of what customers want and how they perceive your brand. This information will enable you to make improvements and do even better.

Increased Customer Trust

Modern consumers are more likely to do business with a reputable brand because a good reputation is an indication that you are more credible than your competitors. Since customers tend to trust online reviews, ensuring you have more positive reviews will help you earn the trust of your customers. Once you have gained their trust, your customers will submit more positive reviews, helping you to attract even more clients.

Improved Bottom Line

Before making purchase decisions, a good number of consumers will use the internet to check whether the company they plan to work with is worth their time and money. Building and maintaining your reputation will help you earn the trust of customers and attract even more potential customers. You will also get to know what customers want and make the necessary improvements and changes. This will improve your revenues over time.

What Do We Offer?

We are a professional reputation management company that uses smart tools to monitor reputation. Our experts will also help you in using the right techniques to ensure that you protect your reputation. Here’s what we offer:

Collect Positive Feedback

With the importance attached to positive reviews, managing your online reputation will require that you encourage customers to leave positive reviews. As you do this, you should also ensure that you minimize the risk of negative ones. Since leaving a review for a business can be complicated, we will help you develop effective ways of encouraging customers to write reviews. Below is how we collect and handle feedback:

Ask for Reviews

One of the best ways to collect positive reviews is to ask customers to write about their experience with your company or product. We will work with you to create a process for asking for the reviews. With our experience, we will personalize the ask to increase the chances of getting more reviews.

We Make it Easy for Customers to Give Feedback

Even as we ask for reviews, we will work to ensure that it is easy for customers to submit reviews. We will ensure that there are direct links to the review profiles on different platforms. It would also be necessary to make the text and surveys responsive so that customers using their mobile phones can also respond.

We Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and care about their feedback, encouraging more people to submit reviews about your business. We will help you respond to both positive and negative reviews in a way that will protect and improve your reputation. In the end, you will be able to collect more positive review

Share the Reviews on Social Media

In addition to engaging with existing reviews, you should also share the reviews on social media. Sharing reviews encourages customers who haven’t reviewed your products to review them, giving you more valuable feedback. We can help you identify the best platforms and tactics for sharing the reviews to reach a wider audience.

Thank Every Reviewer

Appreciating every person who reviews your product or service will contribute to the success of your business. It will also encourage them and others to leave a review in the future. In case the review platform allows,we advise that you thank them directly on the platform through which they submitted feedback.

Reputation Alerts

In a world where a single negative incident can bring down the reputation you have built for years, you should take the appropriate actions in a good time. Through our internal system and your dedicated project manager, you will get regular updates whenever a customer shares their experience online. Below is how our reputation alert service works to improve your business’s reputation:

We Will Create an Alert

The first step to helping you know how your brand is doing online will involve creating an alert. Our internal system is designed in such a way that you can enter your keywords and add specific filters. We will help you determine the keywords you can use to get notifications when a customer leaves a review.

Let the Service do the Search

Our system will then continuously search, matching your keywords against new content. When a customer submits a review, the content will be matched against the keywords you choose to determine whether there are interactions with or mentions of your brand. This way, you will get to know all the positive comments and also get alerts whenever something goes wrong.

Personalized Notifications

Our timely reputation alerts ensure that you have the information you need to take the right action. The good news is that you will be able to choose when and how often you receive the alerts. With the high volume of activity online and the different platforms on which businesses have a presence, it would be important to receive the alerts regularly. This will put you in a better position to protect and improve your reputation.

Get the Bigger Picture

The information you collect through the reputation alerts can help you make better and more informed decisions. As such, you should consider tracking the number of mentions, the sentiments, and their influence. Our marketing professionals will help you interpret their influence on your target audience.

Reputation alerts will notify you when positive or negative comments are made about your business, allowing you to control how customers perceive your brand and business.

Address Negative reviews

After spending years building your reputation, it is normal to be frustrated when you receive a negative review. Whether the review is as a result of a legitimate mistake on your part or is malicious, you will need to address it in the right way. It is important to make sure that you do not get upset and lash out. Here’s how we help you handle negative reviews:

Establish if the Problem is Legitimate

While every negative review has the potential to ruin your reputation, the first thing we will want to do is find out whether the review is valid. In essence, the actions we will take for a legitimate complaint will be different from what we do when there is a malicious review. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to ensure that you respond appropriately.

Respond Promptly

The online world is active around the clock, and those who interact with your brand expect a quick response. Responding to negative reviews promptly will show that you care about the concerns that your customers may have. Responding promptly also helps deal with the situation before it escalates and before more people get to read the review.

We Help You Handle Criticism

Some negative reviews are unavoidable. When you receive such reviews, you should take the criticism seriously and investigate the claims. It would also be important to avoid reacting personally to a negative review, even in cases where the review expresses strong opinions. Try to be polite and professional, making sure you avoid creating excuses or blaming others for the problem. Depending on the problem, we will work with you to try and handle the matter offline. Rather than respond to the adverse review in the full glare of publicity, provide your contact details so that the matter can be resolved. However, once the matter has been settled, you should leave a comment on the public timeline to indicate the same.

Request That the Review be Removed

If you know that the negative review is fake or misleading, you can ask the review site to remove it. A review is considered fake or misleading if it is from a competitor, a member of your staff, or someone paid to write it but has not used your product or service. In case you have apologized and corrected the issue, you can ask the customer to remove the review on their own. Your project manager will advise you on how best to go about review removal.

We Then Work on Repairing Your Reputation

Information spreads fast on the internet, meaning that many people may have read such a negative review. Once you have addressed the complaint, it will be time to work on repairing your reputation. Your project manager will help you to collect more positive reviews by encouraging customers to submit their written experiences. In the long run, you will be able to correct the negative perception and ensure that your customers think positively about your business.

Set The Right Foot Forward With Reputation Management Services

Good reputation management will also involve making sure that your business information is consistent across different online listings. This consistency will show to your customers that you are a valid and trustworthy company that is open for business.

Do you need help making sure your company’s reputation online accurately reflects the care you provide to your customers? Contact us at BizIQ, where our reputation management professionals can work to ensure you avoid costly mistakes and make the best of the positive feedback from customers.

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