Multi-Location SEO Services

Whether you are a doctor with multiple practice locations or a law firm with a few offices a multi-location SEO strategy is essential for driving traffic to your website and to your physical locations. If you don’t already have a local SEO setup for the multiple locations of your business, you are missing out on massive traffic and sales.

Multiple Location SEO Strategy

When your business has multiple locations or serves multiple areas, your SEO strategies are going to be a little different from a single location company. Multiple-Location SEO allows you to organize and optimize your site so you gain more search traffic and your customers have a better user experience.

Multi-location SEO involves a host of tactics and strategies that include:

  1. Location pages
  2. Individual, optimized GMB listings
  3. Citation and Listings Management
  4. Location page link building
  5. Reputation Management

Plus, the fact that you have or serve so many locations further complicates everything. For example, which places have claimed and verified Google My Business profiles? Are your citations consistent and accurate? Are your customers finding the closest location to where they are? Do you show up in all the areas you serve? With so many factors, it can be challenging to stay on top of it all.

Thank goodness BizIQ has years of experience providing SEO services for small business and multi-location operations just like yours. When you work with us, we help you take control and ensure your customers in every area can find you when they search online.

How Does Local SEO Factor Into Multi-Location SEO?

Whether your business serves customers in multiple cities or you have more than one storefront, you want customers in each service area to find your business. If you have more than one location, you need customers in the local area to be able to find the closest one to them. That means when they search for businesses “near me” on search engines like Google, it shows up on page one.

But Why Does Local SEO Matter?

#1 Near Me Searchers are On the Rise

The number of “near me” type searches continues to increase. BizIQ helps you by making sure your website has location pages for the areas you serve, so your business always appears when customers search online.

#2 Geo-Focused Search Queries

Consumers also often include things like the city, neighborhood, or region when they’re searching for businesses online. We ensure your site is optimized, so it shows up in local searches where you have locations.

#3 Google Knows Your Location

Because search engines like Google use location information when they display local search results, we create optimized location pages for our multi-location clients.

At BizIQ, we’ve run local SEO campaigns for thousands of clients, and we take charge of yours too. Check out the results we’ve achieved for other multi-location clients.

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How Does Organic SEO Differ From Local SEO?

You might think it’s just a lot of jargon, and there’s no difference between Organic SEO and local SEO. The truth is, there are many similarities between the two. Organic SEO has no specific location focus. For example, a large corporation or the corporate office of a multi-location company might run organic SEO campaigns to target customers nationwide or across the entire world.

Conversely, Local SEO campaigns target customers searching for products and services near them. For example, when a customer searches for flooring near me, and they’re near your showroom in Chandler, AZ, you don’t want them only to see your competition. You also don’t want them to just find your stores in other areas that are too far away.

The primary difference between local and organic SEO is the intention of the user. Google can discern user intent based on how a person words their search query, and other factors like the location of the device they’re searching from. It might seem creepy, but Google knows when you’re searching for local results, often even when you don’t use location in your search. That means if you want an individual business location or service area to rank well in search, you need to have a website with optimized location pages.

With BizIQ, you get help from an expert SEO team who will fully optimize your site to appear in local search results in every you serve.

Why SEO Matters to Your Multi-Location Business

If you think SEO strategies are too complicated to work or not crucial for your organization, think again.

There are 3.5 billion searches made on Google every day (Internet Live Stats, 2019). Furthermore, 46% percent of Google searches are local (GoGulf, 2019). Remember those “near me” searches, that we talked about earlier? 50% of them done on a mobile device result in a store visit (BrightLocal, 2015).

And there’s something else about local search results that you need to optimize your website for – the Google Local Three-pack. You’ve probably noticed it. It’s the box of three businesses that appears at the top of 93% of local searches underneath a snapshot of a Google Map (seoClarity, 2019).

For example, when you search for “best pasta near me,” you’ll see three of the top-rated Italian restaurants in your area.

If your company’s locations aren’t showing up in either of those places in Google local search results, how can your customers find you?

BizIQ helps thousands of businesses appear in local search results. And we can help you too. Our team of local SEO experts is on top of every local ranking factor from keywords to location pages, Google My Business Listings, local citations, and more.

We will optimize your website with the right keywords as well as location pages to help you get found online. Furthermore, we also work with you to manage your GMB listing and other citations, so they support your site and increase your potential for showing up in Google’s Map Pack.

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How to Design a Website for Businesses with Multiple Locations

If you’re worried you’ll need a separate website for each location of your business, you can relax. While in the past, that used to be what many SEO’s advised, Google and other search engines have changed to adapt to the way consumers look for things online.

Your website is important to show up in search results. However, Google displays local results from your GMB listing or Google Service Ads if you’re a service area business that provides home services.

So, what should you do instead of a website for every store, restaurant, or office? You don’t want to ignore all your locations. Working with BizIQ, we create a website that’s structured to both highlights what your entire business provides as well as a way for customers to easily find the location near them. Plus, we take care of maintaining your GMB listings, so local customers can always find the right store, and navigate back to your website as well.

Important On-page SEO Activities for Each Location

On-page SEO involves all the content and source code on your webpage that you can optimize to rank higher in search results. With multi-location SEO, it’s vital you extend your on-page SEO efforts to include individual location pages for each storefront or service area of your business.

BizIQ works with you to ramp up your local on-page SEO efforts in the following ways:

  • We use keywords and geo-targets to optimize your website content, page URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, and headers.
  • We add location pages that include the NAP for that location – that’s things like the name, address, phone number, store hours, location descriptions, and Google maps as well as any unique features of the town or neighborhood of that location.
  • Our content team will help you stand out in each area you serve with locally-focused website content.

We work hand in hand with you to ensure each unique location stands out from its local competition.

Technical SEO Considerations

Technical SEO involves all of the actions that improve things like page speed, site structure, crawling, indexing, migrations, and other details of your site. It can get a lot more complicated than other aspects of search optimization. It’s the side that might lead you to throw up your hands and give up without some guidance from a pro.

But when you ignore it, all your other efforts won’t matter. BizIQ works with you to solve the following four common technical SEO issues and more:

#1 Duplicate Content

How it occurs: When you have location pages on your site, you might be tempted to include identical information on every page, especially if each store offers the same products or services. But that makes it challenging for search engines to rank your content.

Solution: BizIQ works with you to ensure all your website pages, including each location page, has its own unique content and keywords.

#2 Title Tag, H1 Tag & Image Alts

How it occurs: When you forget about title tags and H1 tags, both Google and your customers don’t know what a page is about. Both of these are essential aspects of technical SEO. Still, many companies forget them altogether. Furthermore, you might be posting images on your content, but forget a vital step that helps search engines crawl and index those images – the alt tag.

Solution: Our expert content creators and SEO team ensure your page titles are optimized for search engines and what searchers want to click. We also make sure no H1 or image tags are missing.

#3 Broken Links

How it occurs: The links on your website and in your blogs worked great when you first published the content. But what about a few months or a few years later? Over time internal links, external links, and image links might stop working for a host of reasons. When a customer clicks on these, they get an error message and could bounce over to a competitor in frustration.

Solution: At BizIQ, our multi-location SEO experts are diligent at checking for broken links, to eliminate those dreaded 404 errors.

#4 HTML Code, Sitemap, Robot Files & Navigation Issues

How they occur: A lot more goes into creating website content than just typing text and inserting images, then hitting publish. Even an error like a misplaced / or the wrong type of redirect can cause your site to have serious issues that make it hard for both visitors and search engines.

Solution: We have years of experience developing websites for organizations that have more than one location. Our team of SEO’s will optimize all aspects of your site inside and out from the visible content to the code and everything else on the backend that you don’t see. We help you to ensure your website is indexed correctly, loads quickly, and displays properly while eliminating errors that make customers give up and move on.

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Content Marketing

Your multiple location company needs to leverage content marketing strategies to promote your business to new customers and stay in touch with existing ones.

The key is not to make your content generic or the same for every location. Obviously, there will be main content, including blog posts that apply to your customers everywhere. Still, you don’t want to forget about including location-specific content that goes beyond your location pages.

BizIQ creates a partnership with you to create unique content and includes webpage and blog content that’s optimized with local search in mind. Furthermore, our team will help you localize content with social media profiles, local citations, GMB listings, and reputation management. Plus, monthly reports will ensure that you’ll always know and understand how your multi-location SEO campaign is doing.

If you’re a small business owner and your company has multiple storefronts, you might think any kind of link building is out of reach. Truthfully, you can’t afford to ignore the power of building relationships with businesses and local influencers as a valuable avenue to increase backlinks to your website.

The fact is that 89% of SEO’s say link building is a top priority for local businesses; additionally, 100% of SEOs consider link building to be a significant way to bolster search rankings (BrightLocal, 2019).

When you work with BizIQ, you have access to link-building experts who will help to build relationships with industry-relevant publications, websites, organizations, and local influencers. We personalize your outreach so they will see the benefit of linking to your website and content. Plus, we’ll monitor your links and citations to ensure they’re up to date.

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When you need SEO services for your multi-location business, you can count on BizIQ. We’ve helped 26,000+ companies market smarter to get found online. We treat your business like it’s our business. Contact us today to get started.

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