5 Ways You Might be Wasting Money with AdWords Express

Adwords Express might not be the best pay-per-click solution for your business. In fact, you could be wasting more money than you realize.  

If your small business does any paid search marketing through Google, you’re probably familiar with Adwords Express. This neat tool makes it easy to set up pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. In fact, it’s a mostly automated process that’s easy to ‘set and forget’ while it goes to work. You just put in your business’ category, write a quick ad, set your budget and you’re good to go!

blog title graphicThe problem is, many small business owners are feeding money into Adwords Express without getting the best possible results. They’re seeing clicks, but not conversions. Why? Let’s take a look at 5 of the chief reasons:

  1. Keywords are impersonal. Adwords Express doesn’t let you select specific keywords. Instead, it picks them for you based on your business. This means you might not be showing up for any keywords other than general ones, which have high competition.

    Example: “coffee shop” instead of “specialty lattes” for a local coffee shop with a huge menu.
  2. Keywords don’t always apply. Another problem with Adwords’ approach to picking keywords? They might not always apply! This frustrates potential customers and makes your Adwords clicks useless.Example: “donut shop” instead of “pastry shop” for someone who only sells gourmet pastries. 
  3. No tracking. The biggest issue with Adwords Express? You can’t see which keywords are working for you, versus which ones aren’t! How are you supposed to market online effectively if you don’t know what’s working?Example: are you getting better clicks in searches for “secondhand books” or “used bookstore?” 
  4. Keywords are too broad. Being a standout business usually means you have something special to offer customers. Broad keywords do nothing to capitalize on that—and unfortunately, broad keywords are all Adwords Express focuses on.Example: not being able to advertise for “gluten-free bakery” instead of just “bakery.” 
  5. Generic ad format. These days, anyone can recognize a generic ad online. Often, this leads them to immediately ignore it. Adwords Express only offers you a generic ad style, which leads to greater chances of your advertisement money going to waste.Example: not being able to create an ad that looks more natural and less like a paid link.

If you’re a small business that wants to do more with their PPC, the smart choice is to ditch the DIY method with Adwords Express and look for a Certified Google Partner instead. This is an advertising professional who can use a full-featured Adwords account to give you more bang for your advertising buck online.

Why do you need a Google Partner? Because using Adwords is hard! It’s a full-time job that requires constant monitoring and adjusting, especially if you hope to get the best results for your money. Between picking keywords, setting bids, reviewing data, implementing changes and managing your budget, a Google Partner will do a better job than any automated Adwords Express account ever could.