7 Industries that CAN’T Run Google Ads

7 Industries That Cant Run Google Ads

If you want people to notice your business, then you need to have a strong online presence. After all, the vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for goods and services they require. Often, one of the best ways to advertise is to use Google, as this is the most popular search engine available, and Google Ads can be extremely helpful for this. 

Even though Google Ads are an integral part of numerous digital marketing campaigns, there are some industries that simply cannot run Google Ads. Some of the types of companies and products that cannot advertise through Google Ads include:

1. Funding Solicitation

You are not allowed to use Google to solicit funds from the public, as you might with a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign. Anyone who is found to be using Google to solicit funds will have their advertisements immediately removed. 

There are a few very specific exemptions here. For example, charitable organizations that are trying to raise money for their operation may use Google as long as they provide evidence of their tax-exempt status. This tax exemption number has to be clearly stated on the destination link in the advertisement. 

Political campaigns may also find themselves exempt in this case as well, although this requires clear indication and documentation to ensure that it is compliant with Google’s regulations. 

2. All Call Directory or Forwarding Services

Any companies offering call forwarding, call directories, or call recording services are not going to be allowed to use Google Ads. 

Usually, these services include calling a specific phone number only to obtain another phone number in order to be connected to a service. This can often include a mobile phone number or a business phone number. 

3. Live Event Ticket Sales

Advertisements that are being run by live event ticket sellers, or those who sell or link to resell tickets, are not allowed to advertise on Google. 

There are specific situations where people can advertise tickets related to live events. Usually, these sellers have to be certified by Google. Anyone who sells or links to sites that resale live ticket events will need to meet the latest destination requirements from Google. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who try to scam others out of tickets by selling fake ones. By restricting Google advertisements, and requiring ticket sellers to be certified by Google, it is easier for people to protect themselves when they purchase tickets to events online. 

4. Bail Bond Services

Any bail bond services are not allowed to advertise using Google advertisements. Specifically, bail bond services that offer to act as surety in order to secure bail for a defendant are not going to be allowed to advertise using Google. 

There are numerous examples of bail bond services that fall under this category. This includes immigration bail services, bail bondsmen, detention bail services, bounty hunters, bail bonds financing services, and commercial bail bond agents. 

Anyone who is found to be using Google advertisements to advertise bail bonds, including surety bonds, runs the risk of having their advertisements immediately removed by Google. 

5. Ads for Housing, Employment, and Credit

In October of 2020, Google updated their personalized advertising policies with the intention of improving inclusivity for their users who were disproportionately affected by societal biases. 

As a result, services based in credit products, housing, or employment can no longer be targeted via gender, age, parental status, marital status, or zip code. This can include any advertising related to real estate services, individual homes for sale, job recruitment sites, credit cards, and various loans such as, home loans, car loans, appliance loans, and short term loans.  

6. Third-Party Technical Support

Technical support that is being sponsored by third-party providers for online services and consumer technology products is generally prohibited. 

For example, anyone who is trying to advertise virus removal, troubleshooting, or online account support coming from a third party will not be allowed to use Google Ads to promote their service. Of note, people are allowed to advertise the sale of consumer technology if the landing page contains navigational features that are directly related to technical support. 

On the other hand, any third party that is looking to directly advertise consumer technology products and online services related to technical support will not be allowed to use Google Ads. 

7. Some Local Services

Additionally, advertisements for some local services are restricted. For example, advertisements for locksmiths are restricted in Canada and the United States, and advertisements for garage door repair services are also restricted within the United States. 

Anyone who is interested in advertising for one of these local services needs to first apply for an advanced verification. There are a few other countries where local services, including locksmiths, are restricted as well, and there isn’t a level of verification to bypass this restriction. 

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