How to Attract Quality Employees to Your Small Business


Talent is critical for a small business’ success. How can you attract top-quality employees to your small business? It’s easier than you think!

A business’s success is not only measured by the number of customers it serves, but also by the quality of the employees it has. Great employees help run your business more effectively, suggest innovative changes and make lasting impressions on your customers that could influence whether or not they return.

Many small businesses begin with one or two employees, but as the company grows, you’ll need to increase your staff to accommodate your business’s needs. If previous attempts at hiring great employees have left you with the attitude of “good help is hard to find,” you may need to switch up your search strategy!

2018 04 11 How To Attract Quality Employees To Your Small Business

Do your research

Before you put a ‘Help Wanted’ sign in your window or advertise a job opening, do your research on similar jobs offered by other businesses. Identify the market rate for those positions and match or exceed it. A top-quality employee isn’t going to want to turn down a higher-paying job to do the same tasks at your company!

Be realistic when determining the budget for new employees. If you can’t afford to hire two people at the market rate, focus on hiring one for the time being—the extra money you put into that employee will more than likely be worth it.

Emphasize benefits

A paycheck is nice, but many employees are seeking positions that offer benefits. Great employees are willing to offer their services if you can provide great atmospheres in return. If your business culture allows for flexible schedules, remote work, healthy work-life balance or other highly-sought-after incentives, make sure you mention them in your job advertisements. Happy employees who love their jobs will almost always outperform those who don’t.

Additionally, emphasize any opportunities an employee has to grow in your business. Are you hiring for this position with the intention of giving them additional responsibility down the road? Do you have plans to teach the employee new skills and information related to the business? Talented employees don’t want to feel stifled or trapped by the same routine for many years and will seek employment with opportunities for growth.

Advertise online

It’s not enough to plop a ‘Help Wanted’ sign in your window or place an ad in the local paper. Advertising your open positions online through pay-per-click advertising, on job websites and on social media can broaden the scope of people who see the ad.

Make sure you have a website where potential employees can learn more about your business and its products and services. Remember, these days, having a website for your business is a necessity and future employees (as well as potential customers) will want to research all you have to offer. Add a single careers page to the menu bar of your website to make it easy to find. An “About Us” page can also go a long way towards communicating your company’s culture with both potential employees and customers.

Stay passionate

No matter how you advertise an open position in your small business, remain passionate about the company and its goals. If you are excited about where the company is headed, you’ll be more likely to attract employees who are also excited and can help get you there.