How to Create a GMB Listing Without a Verification

You can’t.

Well, you can, strictly speaking. However, it won’t do you much good.

How To Create Gmb Without A Verification

What happens if I don’t verify my GMB listing?

Now that we have the short answer out of the way let’s elaborate a bit. Yes, without verification, you can create an account on Google My Business. All you need is an email address and a working phone number to pass a basic confirmation check. And, yes, you can also claim an existing listing on Maps (assuming nobody else has already done so) or make a new one for your business without authentication.

Here’s where the fine print rears its ugly head:

Unless you complete that final step, any changes or additions you make won’t be seen by anybody but you. The point of having a listing on Google My Business is using the platform to advertise yourself to your local customers. Why would you want to waste your time doing anything less?

Why should you verify your Google business listing?

If your business has yet to appear on Google, verification is the only way to make sure that your information shows up in search results and on Google Maps. If your business is already up but has missing or incorrect details (a widespread problem), verification is the only way to correct those issues.

To truly take control of your company’s digital brand, it’s vital that you follow the Google My Business process from beginning to end. Half measures won’t get you anywhere, so stick to it!

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Where to go for help

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