How to Get a Business on Google Maps

One of the goals of your Google My Business account is to get your company on Maps, so all the customers in your local area can find it.

It’s a multi-step process, so let’s break them down:

Step 1: Get an Account

Create that GMB account first! If you already have a Google login that you want to use — one that you previously made for Gmail or YouTube, for instance — then you’re good to go! Just use your existing email and password to log into the My Business homepage. If you don’t have one (or you’d rather create a separate profile), you’ll have to go through the process from scratch. Make sure you have a phone on hand so that you can receive an automated call or text message and complete the setup!

Step 2: Find Your Business

There’s a good chance that your business already has a listing somewhere on Google Maps. Even if you never made one yourself, somebody likely has — and it probably has a lot of outdated or outright wrong information. Use the GMB setup process or browse Maps to see if there’s an existing listing, and claim it if you find one. If it’s already claimed, you’ll want to request ownership of it.

Step 3: Create Your Listing

If you can’t find an existing listing, you’ll get to create a new one! Be sure to fill out all of the significant fields during setup. However, you’ll also want to go back into the information to add other details like photos and business description afterward.

Step 4: Verify

Finally, you’ll need to verify the listing to save all of your updates and get the information public. Use the “Verify now” button to see your verification options and start the process.

Step 5: Celebrate

Once the verification step is complete, your business will now be visible on Maps!

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