How to Get Listed on Google Without an Address

For your company to qualify for a listing on Google Maps, your organization has to be able to physically meet with customers during your regular business hours. Whether that means them coming to you or vice versa (or both) doesn’t matter. As long as you’re seeing clients in some capacity during a typical day on the job, you’re most likely viable for the Google My Business program!

Do I Need a Physical Address for Google My Business?

Whether you own a small cafe, or you’re a plumber who travels to customer’s locations, you must have an address to qualify for a Google listing. It can be anything from an office to your little second-floor apartment. However, no “virtual” space is permitted.

Can I use a UPS Store or PO Box Address for my Google Listing?

Google is smart. You can’t trick it with the address for a UPS store, PO Box, or a storage facility. If you do, chances are good that your new listing won’t be up for very long before it gets flagged and suspended for violating terms of service.

Why Does Google Need My Address for My Business Listing?

Even if you’re keeping your business address hidden, you’ll still need to supply one during the verification process. Google will use it to determine the type of verification you will have to complete, which could include them sending a postcard to said address.

Make sure you meet the criteria before you get things started; it’ll save you a lot of time and effort down the line!

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