How To Take Your Small Business Content from 1x to 10x in 3 Easy Steps

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As a small business owner, you’ve probably read articles from marketing experts telling you that in order to compete, you need to create 10x content. But what does that mean?

Sometimes it can seem like everyone else has the secret formula. In reality, creating high-quality 10x content for your local business isn’t rocket science. Here’s how it works.

Number 1: Is your blog about what your customers are interested in?

You don’t have to invest in expensive market research data to make sure your website and blog content are about what your customers want to know.

To create relevant content, instead of writing about how you have the best products or are the best place when it comes to x,y &z, do your research.

Ask your existing customers and use Google search to find what people search for when they’re looking for the kinds of products and services you provide.

Simply type in common questions and problems customers come to you with into Google search and voila! You’ll have an entire list of ideas.

And be sure to pay attention to the suggested searches that Google displays as you type. You’ll probably get some additional ideas you hadn’t already thought of.

Avoid sales talk unless it’s a blog post to announce a special promotion, event, or sale.

Number 2: Is your small business blog easy to read?

Most people quickly scan website and blog content and will ignore yours if it’s mostly large blocks of text or too cluttered.

To make yours easy to scan, use short sentences and short paragraphs.

Employ things like numbered lists and bullet points to break up content.

Also, add high-quality images or graphics that illustrate your content’s message.

Research shows that 80% of readers recall images, but only 20% recall text.

Plus, posts with images get 94% more views & 60% of potential customers will contact a business if that image shows up in local search results.

And when it comes to video, studies show that using video in your content results in a 157% increase in organic traffic from search results & that using video increases revenue almost 50% faster.

Consider adding a short explainer video to important blog posts. And remember to keep it relevant to the topic.

Number 3: Is your content better than your competition?

Look at the content your competitors publish online.

Research which competitors rank at the top of Google local search for your topic and your main keywords.

How does it look? Is it easy to read? What kind of images if any do they use?

Make your content 10 times better than theirs is.

Depending on your industry and the size of the area your business serves, this isn’t as difficult as it might sound, especially if the content rival businesses publish is frankly, -10x. (say negative ten x)

Remember, you’re only trying to compete with other local business in your industry, and your content needs to reflect your customers’ wants, needs, and interests.

Therefore, while it’s true that content marketing for large businesses has become intensely competitive, making it tougher and tougher for big brands to compete for rankings, it doesn’t mean that small local businesses like yours should give up on blogging.

By making your content relevant to your customers, making it scannable and easy to read, and by making it significantly better than anything your competitors publish, you too can create 10x content that ranks on Google and drives more customers to your business.

And if you need help. Give us a call.

Thanks for watching. My name is Annette at BizIQ.

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