How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Is your sales team in dire need of a motivational speech?

As it turns out, implementing creative team building methods into your office environment might just be key to spiking employee momentum and motivation. We asked BizIQ Sales Manager Milton Stuckey for a few of his go-to tips.

Believe in the Team

The first step to bringing your sales team to the top is to start believing in them. You need to coach and train your sales team to defeat any challenge that comes their way. Similar to athletes practicing for the Olympics, your sales team needs encouragement and support in order for them to triumph.

When you believe in your sales team, it’s easier for them to believe in themselves. Improve your work environment and increase your team’s sales by supporting them throughout the work day. This means giving constant encouragement and feedback whether they’re performing at their best or worst.

Elevate the Whole Team – Together

Create an atmosphere centered on motivation. Begin work with high energy and confidence in your sales team’s ability to get the job done. When your sales team sees your positive energy and confidence in them it will ignite their own motivation throughout all your employees.

Just like a professional sports team, your sales crew needs to support and share their best practices with one another. It’s not about who can do the best and beat the rest, it’s about teaching everyone to be number one and elevate your team together to the top!

Don’t be afraid to give positive feedback to those who are doing well. Give recognition when it’s deserved, especially when team members show they can achieve the goals you’ve set for them, and the goals they’ve set for themselves. With that said, make sure you don’t praise high performers in front of poor performers, this might create tension and come off as condescending to those not doing well. Instead focus on ideas that can bring up under performers so that they’re inspired to achieve higher goals.

Be Solution-focused

Keep your eye on the solution not the problem is the best way to spend your time and energy on the job. Don’t distract yourself from the good things by focusing only on the negative issues at work. Remember that every problem has a solution and you can overcome many issues at work with critical thinking and determination.

Last but not least always bring a fun loving environment into the work atmosphere. Your sales team works hard to achieve their goals, and you should work hard at making their work day enjoyable.