Is Your Small Business Guilty of These Common Social Media Mistakes?

Is your small business guilty of these common social media mistakes? Having a social strategy can help your business focus its posting efforts better.

Social media is a lot more complicated than just writing posts and scheduling updates. There are a lot of mistakes to avoid—many that might seem totally normal.

Take a look at a few of the most common and why these simple problems are a major turn-off for your business’ followers:


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Posting too much or too little

Clogging up your followers’ news feed with several posts a day may not always result in lost followers. Sometimes, they’ll just hide your posts instead—which is just as bad. On the flip side, not posting enough is bad for visibility and puts you out of sight and out of mind.

Automating too much

Loading up your social posts into a scheduler is a great example of automation. Scheduling posts at the same time every day is an example of automation abuse. Use automation responsibly to make your social life easier, without removing the “human element” from it.

Lack of personality

If your social posts sound robotic or lack character, people aren’t likely to give them much attention. Don’t be afraid to use your voice! Put some personality into your posts, while still staying on-trend with your business’ brand or perception.

Over-anxious PR

More and more, social media is a customer service tool. That means you’re likely to deal with people who aren’t happy. Avoid a PR nightmare by keeping your responses to customers short and simple, and don’t panic in the face of confrontation. Be understanding of their needs and respond with candor.

Not interacting with people

On the flipside of over-anxious PR, not communicating with people can make your business seem like a lame duck on social media. Be sure to reply to comments instead of just posting status updates, to show people you’re actively paying attention.

Don’t make the hard sale

Using your social profile as a sales channel can be a big mistake. It’s okay to promote on social media, but if your profile turns into a pushy marketing machine, expect to lose followers.

Avoiding these common social media mistakes and more is simple when you have a social strategy to fall back on. Before you take to Facebook or Twitter for another update, take the time to put together a quick focus plan:

✔ Consider your message

✔ Consider your audience

✔ Set goals and benchmarks

✔ Schedule posts accordingly

✔ Administrate your channels

The easiest way to manage your social media is to remember the “social” part of it. You’re talking to people, so be personable! Especially in light of recent updates to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm, the more you use social media as a channel for honest communication, the more success you’ll have in helping your local small business develop a positive reputation.