Welcome to the Metaverse

What’s New? What’s Hot? What’s Next?

What’s New? The Metaverse

As a major new hot topic in the digital space, the concept of “The Metaverse,” sparked a ton of conversation last year in 2021 when Mark Zuckerberg announced the name of the parent company for his collection of social apps would change from Facebook to simply “Meta.”

This was, for many, their introduction to this concept of expansively emerging virtual worlds they might not yet be able to conceive – Much like the early days of the Internet itself.

And very much like the Internet did, market leaders are predicting that the Metaverse will change the landscape of digital marketing for decades to come.

But… What exactly is the Metaverse?

Welcome To The Metaverse

Since it’s still on the cutting edge, it’s difficult to clearly define. As of now, the metaverse most commonly references a collection of online experiences from AR to Virtual Reality.

These online experiences are having a sizable impact on the way people are choosing to communicate, consume, and live.

What’s Hot? Consumers Want Experiences

Hiring for Metaverse related jobs spiked more than 400% last year – even before Zuckerberg’s big announcement – and that’s not limited to tech businesses either. In this “first-in, big-win” phase, market mavens like Disney, Gucci, Vans, and Nike are jumping in.

Where do they jump into the metaverse? The massively popular 3D game “Roblox.” It’s a game that’s been at the forefront of metaverse conversation because it encompasses everything metaverse: co-creation, non-linear gameplay, VR, online community, and a healthy amount of transactions.

With 43.2 Million daily active users worldwide, online marketers wanting to take advantage of this new medium have their sights set on Roblox. Vans created a “Virtual Skatepark Experience” within the Roblox online universe. Gucci created the “Gucci Garden Experience.”

These are major limited-time events that users of the metaverse attend, enjoy, create within, and spend money in, but truly the entire thing is an advertisement. The brand reaches a huge audience, they make money from metaverse purchases, and the brand’s image is elevated. (Win, win, win.)

What’s Next? Investing in the Future

While it doesn’t make sense for every kind of business to dive headfirst into the metaverse – It teaches an important lesson about the kind of attitude business owners should take towards online marketing and lead generation as we progress into the future.

Consumers want experiences – they want to be engaged. People are desensitized to flat ads stating simply “buy this” or “call me.” It’s not enough for your website to be a paper-thin online business card. It’s not enough for your social media to be a poster board – It needs to engage and capture users – like the metaverse.

So what’s next for you? Considering how broad your “online presence” is and given this week’s news topic of the metaverse, let’s zero in on your social media.

Does your social media currently engage visitors, drive community, and inspire conversation?

Data says more than 76% of American adults can be found on Facebook. So let’s focus on that for a moment and apply these concepts that the metaverse shows us to your Facebook page.

This is something you can do right now. Just pull up your Facebook’s business profile and follow these three quick and easy checks:

  1. CHECK: Your Graphics
    • The very first thing new users see when they visit your page is your Profile Photo and Cover Photo. Quick tip: Make sure your graphics are simple and recognizable. Think to yourself: If I know nothing about my own business, when I see these graphics for a few seconds, can I recollect the name and purpose of the business?
  2. CHECK: Your Call-To-Action Button
    • As a business profile, you have the option to “Add a Button” and you should do this. It will be located around the right corner of your cover photo on a desktop computer. Quick tip: Make sure to select a relevant CTA to get more conversions. For example, if you run a pet hotel, you’ll want to select “Book Now.”
  3. CHECK: Your Response Assistant
    • Have you ever looked at your Messaging Settings? You can actually turn on something called the “Response Assistant” that will deliver automated responses (that you can personalize to your brand voice) to relevant private messages. Quick tip: We recommend setting an automated welcome and thank you message for when new users first contact your page. This engages users and gives them that experience that they’re looking for.

After completing these quick checks and making simple adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to better leveraging your social media traffic.

 And as always, if you think you’d like any help with upgrading your online presence or expanding to new corners of the Internet you haven’t yet reached – The best way to reach us? You won’t have to travel through the metaverse…

 Just give us a call: (888) 323-5687.