What is the Difference Between Google Business Profile and Google Maps?

Google Business Profile is an online directory, while Google Maps is a service that provides directions. You are responsible for creating and maintaining your Google Business Profile listing, which helps you show up in peoples’ searches.

Whereas with Google Maps, there’s nothing you need to do to make your business show up on the map. However, it won’t show up with your company’s information unless you list it through GBP.

What if I don’t have a GBP account?

If you don’t have a GBP listing your business will still show up in Maps. However, it won’t give your customers any detailed information about your organization. So, a person can find your location on the map, but they won’t be able to see things like contact information, business hours, or reviews of your business.

How do I know if I have a Google listing for my small business?

If your business is not listed, it will say “claim this business” or “own this business” in Maps. It’s important you claim your listing and verify it, so someone else doesn’t claim it, or tell Google it’s closed. You also want to claim your listing, so that you can provide more details about your company to prospective customers.

What do I need to include in my Google listing?

A complete Google Business listing contains the following:

Verified business address
Phone number
Hours of operation
Images of the business

Your listing will still show up if it doesn’t contain all these items. However, if you have a fully optimized listing, this will increase your ranking abilities. GBP listings help build your company’s online presence.

Google Maps and your Google Business Profile work together

Ultimately, the primary difference between the two is that Google Maps will show your business’ location and provide directions on how to get there. Whereas your Google Business Profile will provide all the information, people need to do business with you. However, by having a fully optimized business listing, Google Maps will display more detailed information about your small business. Learn more about our Google Business Profile Analysis.