Why Did My GMB Listing Disappear?

A Google My Business listing can “disappear” for a couple of reasons. If you haven’t claimed and verified your business listing, Google might remove it due to inaccurate information or someone reporting it as spam.

If your listing is verified, but you can no longer find it on Google, it could be because your listing has been suspended for one of the following reasons:

1. You don’t have a valid business license

Double-check that you’ve renewed your business license and that you have the proper approvals and licensing needed to operate your business

2. You might be violating Google guidelines

Familiarize yourself with their policies to prevent this from happening in the first place.

3. Google’s algorithm might flag your company as being spam or deceptive

If you have multiple websites or information that doesn’t match across platforms, it can be seen as an illegitimate business

The main prohibited content for GMB listings is illegal activities, for obvious reasons. Google wants to ensure that users are not getting caught up in scams as much as possible. If your business appears to have some shady activity going on, they will remove you. Google also comes down hard on marketing, promotions, and contests that don’t have a link to clearly stated guidelines and rules.

Need help?

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