Why Is My Business Not Showing Up on Google?

While you may have developed a quality website, if it isn’t showing up on Google, you have a problem. You want to make sure your customers are able to find you and your products and services when they need to. Make sure your website has been search engine optimized, which a good digital marketing agency can help you with. These tips will help you make sure your business is showing up on Google and getting customers to your website:

  • Check that your website is indexed: If you are not finding your website on Google, it may not have been indexed by the search engine. This is the first thing a digital marketing company will check. They will search your website’s URL in Google to see if it comes up. If it doesn’t appear, then your website has not been indexed. Your digital marketing agency will then submit your website for indexing through Google. This typically takes one to two weeks for Google to visit and index your website. If you have a completely new website, have your digital marketing company tell Google about the website and submit a sitemap to tell them which pages you consider important.
  •  Make sure Google can index your content: When indexing your webpage, Google relies
    on a Google bot to crawl all the content. It can read content such as html, pdf and Flash files, but it has trouble processing rich media formats. Your digital marketing company will know what content is appropriate for Google to crawl and understand. Keep in mind that the Google bot is text-based and can’t read text included in images, in pages hidden behind JavaScript or that require you to sign in.
  • See if a spam action has been taken: Google takes action against websites that have spam or are in violation of its webmaster guidelines. It does this by demoting or removing sites in violation. A good digital marketing agency should be able to research whether the content on your business’ website has had spam action taken against it and will know how to reverse this.
  • Use relevant content: You will want your digital marketing agency to make sure the content on your business’ website is relevant and useful. They can check the Google searches in which your site appears most often. They can rate this information through impressions and click-throughs. This will give you insight into what information users are searching for in regards to your products and services. Make sure this content is compelling to users and best targets your customers.
  • Add links and images: Having incoming links to your website tells Google that your site is relevant to a user’s search. A digital marketing company can help you develop links to your website naturally as other websites find your content valuable and helpful. You can further generate traffic to your website by using great images that add to the content on your website.

Hiring a good digital marketing company to help optimize your business’ website will ensure you are coming up in Google search results. BizIQ can optimize your website to make sure your customers find you. Our smart web design and development services are targeted toward making browsing easy and ensuring the customers in your area are able to locate your products and services on the Internet through search engines such as Google.