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Local SEO Services in Seattle, WA.

Local SEO Services in Seattle, WA

If you own a local business in the Seattle area, consider using a professional digital marketing agency in Seattle like BizIQ to help you get found online.

The days of searching for businesses in phonebooks are long gone, and online search engines are the go-to place. Local SEO services help your company achieve higher rankings in your localized search results. We will help you create efficient search campaigns.

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Why is SEO important for your small business in Seattle?
“SEO levels the playing field by boosting your website’s search ranking, allowing you to compete with larger competitors even on a limited budget. It provides a cost-effective strategy for reaching more customers and building brand awareness through keyword optimization, attracting visitors interested in your offerings.”

– Tyson Copeland, Local SEO Manager

SEO services in Seattle, WA.

Local SEO in Seattle, WA

Local SEO targets nearby customers who are not willing to go far; they will be looking online for your business, and you will be found easily due to local SEO. Implement Local SEO and see your company grow in the broader Seattle area.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization process that enables small businesses to rank in localized searches in Google and other search engines. Search engines like Google use algorithms that consider the user’s location whenever they search. It helps expose your company to potential customers searching for localized services and goods. Local SEO also serves customers who are searching for services but have their location settings on.

Local SEO, also referred to as Local Search Marketing, is an effective way to market your business online to nearby customers at the exact time of their search. The upsurge of smartphones has dramatically influenced the increase in localized searches.

We have partnered with a variety of businesses across Seattle, spanning industries like: Restaurants, Cannabis and CBD, Retail, Entertainment, Legal Services, Beauty, and more!

Why a Local Campaign is Important?

A local campaign determines the future of your business, and it will be a factor for growth. Local SEO helps your business in the following ways:

  • Improves Rankings: Boosts your website’s position in search results and map listings.
  • Enhances Mobile Visibility: Makes it easy for mobile users to find your company via search engines, directories, and social media.
  • Optimizes Navigation: Makes sure your business appears on Google Maps and other navigation apps.
  • Competitive Edge: Distinguishes you from competitors who lack localized SEO.
  • Increases Traffic and Sales: Attracts potential customers in your area, boosting web traffic and sales.
  • Targets Specific Demographics: Simplifies reaching a targeted local audience.

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Authority-Building Links

Having links on the internet that leads people to your content is very crucial to your company. The quality of the backlinks weighs a lot in the presence of your business online. Naturally obtained backlinks from well-regarded websites make your website a trusted source of information in search engines. The backlinks will significantly increase your search visibility.

Location Pages

Your business might have several locations, and each of them must have its website page. The page contains locally targeted content and summarizes your business comprehensively. Not only can the pages reference your physical location, but also you can tailor them to target your clients’ area. Keyword research and writing relevant calls to actions will help make useful localized pages. Behind-the-scenes features such as schema mark up, meta descriptions, and title tags are also changed to match your location.

Listing Optimization

According to Amazon’s data, 70% of users only check the first page of search results. Listing optimization ensures your website appears on that first page, which is the primary goal of any SEO campaign. Once achieved, the next step is moving your website to the top of the page. With SEO listing optimization, your business will consistently rank higher in local search results, directly benefiting your business. Various strategies are employed to achieve and maintain this higher listing.

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO involves editing page elements to improve keyword rankings. Use engaging headings and relevant keywords without overloading. Ensure meta descriptions and title tags are accurate for search engines. Design for mobile responsiveness and update older content to keep it relevant. This process ensures that your website meets search engine criteria and works efficiently, utilizing all available tools to achieve high local rankings.

Complete Digital Marketing Packages in Seattle, WA

Our digital marketing packages take into consideration your individual needs. We help small and medium-sized businesses bridge the gap between them and large players in the industry. Get affordable packages with no hidden charges. The services listed below will ramp up your localized digital marketing campaigns.

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Blue Responsive Site IconFully Optimized WordPress Websites

Your website is like your physical premises, it should make an excellent first impression and attract visitors. We will design a new, optimized website with responsive landing pages, a custom domain, and a call to action. Our team will provide targeted content highlighting your services and contact details, plus a real-time feedback system to engage clients. Above all, we help you install Google Analytics to draw meaningful insight from your traffic numbers and goal completions. So, you can plan on attracting more readers and attaining better rankings.

Blue Rep Profile IconReputation Management

An excellent reputation increases the trust and loyalty your customers have for your company. Through our feedback submission system, we collect reviews and testimonials and display them on your websites. In addition to that, we guide customers to leave reviews on relevant sites to your business. Our analysis of reviews and ratings across different websites will show you the reputation that your business has among the public.

Blue Marker Globe Net IconCitation & Listing Management

The more your business is mentioned on the internet, the more likely it will be indexed by search engines. Discrepancies in your information, such as the wrong phone number, can be problematic, so we will verify that your zip code, physical address, phone number, and more are all consistent. Our experts will relay monthly submissions to leading data providers to optimize your business for navigation and GPS devices, and we will submit your business to over 200 business directories. With SEO listing optimization, you will make sure that your business is shown to the right potential customers.

Blue Notes Site Icon Content Marketing & Blog Integration

Our WordPress website packages can also be bundled with our blog integration feature. Blogs are a great way to pass information to your clients and show that you have a deeper understanding of your area of expertise. The package includes 2-professionally written blogs each month, or update old pages and make them relevant to current times.

Helpful Resources in Seattle, WA

The Seattle administration has put different measures to ensure that small businesses thrive even in difficult times. The steps range from funding, economic development plans, and tax licenses.

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce supports businesses in the Seattle region through advocacy, networking opportunities, and resources aimed at fostering economic growth and development.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Seattle District Office

The SBA Seattle District Office provides small businesses with resources such as funding programs, counseling, and training to help them succeed and grow.

Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Washington SBDC provides expert business advising, management training, and market research services to small businesses across the state, helping them to grow and thrive.

Seattle Office of Economic Development

The Seattle Office of Economic Development works with business owners to connect them with resources they need, and to serve as their voice in City government.

More Resources for Seattle Businesses

  • Grow America Fund is a national small business lending program. They have offered many loans to small businesses across the country. This loan can cushion your budget if you are trying to bring on board our Localized SEO services.
  • Economic Development Programs: The Seattle administration has put in place economic development programs. The programs help businesses with relevant resources and grants. You might be starting a company, or wishing to expand your business, reach out to the small business advocates and discuss ways to help you.
  • Business Licenses: Businesses should ensure they are compliant with the law first before undertaking anything else. All small businesses in Seattle are required to have a business license tax certificate. Companies must renew their licenses each year before 31st December.

Are You in Need of Local SEO Services in Seattle, WA?

Once your company is compliant and has the necessary capital, it is now time you get your name out there on the internet. If you have put your mind on doing something, do it well; BizIQ digital marketing packages promise your business increased traffic and sales. Stamp your presence in Seattle and be a leading entity in your industry. Call us on (888) 416-9800 and schedule a meeting with our small business marketing experts.

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Local SEO FAQs

SEO is a term that has gained popularity over the past few years, and not many of us fully understand it. We want to provide the answers to your most burning questions. The next time you will be at a social gathering, you will flaunt your newfound knowledge and explain the whole concept.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works when a content creator makes content that uses words, phrases, and relevant information to answer a request on the internet. Afterward, a search engine spider crawls and categorizes your website based on relevance. The page will now have an opportunity to be found by the user for the search terms put in place and based on location and other factors.

SEO takes longer due to several reasons. Competition is always present in every field. It takes time for you to develop a reputation, trust, and authority in your industry. These are some of the primary factors.

On-page SEO is the process of making your web pages optimized for search engine optimization. The methods used are modifying your page titles with keywords, editing meta descriptions, title tags, image tags, image file names, and using internal links.

Off-page SEO are the things you can do outside your website to improve your search engine results and ensure high page rankings.

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