8 Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday in 2019

Are you planning something big for this year’s Small Business Saturday? If not, you ought to! Below are some compelling reasons for why you should plus a little bit of inspiration for anyone who seeks it.

What Is Small Business Saturday?

What is Small Business Saturday, and why does it matter? First observed on November 27, 2010, this newly formed shopping holiday is a way for the little guys to compete with the big guys between the two largest retail days of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

On this day, it’s all about recognizing the importance of small businesses, an integral part of local communities and the American economy as a whole. People love to support small businesses, and this Saturday allows you a chance to give back to the locals and expand your customer base.

When Is Small Business Saturday this Year?

Small Business Saturday is on November 30, 2019.

Anyone who operates or owns a small business can participate. However, American Express makes things a bit easier by providing marketing materials to help you get the word out, organize an event, and reach your local community.

You can register your small business with American Express, here. But again, this is optional.

Since Small Business Saturday is only a 24-hour event, blinking may cause you to miss it, so try and make the most of it! Luckily, our small business marketing experts have compiled a list of eight simple ideas to make sure your Saturday tops the charts.

Infographic: 8 Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday Ideas for 2019

Here are our top tips for getting more exposure and more business through your doors this SBS:

#1 Tidy Up Your Digital Presence

Nothing frustrates potential customers more than outdated contact information, incorrect business hours, or calling the wrong phone number that an ex-employee setup on your Facebook page six years ago.

Make sure your business name, phone number, physical address, operating hours, and email are accurate on all of your online platforms. Update any changes on your website, social media profiles, and local directories — especially your Google listing.

While this may seem obvious, be sure to answer your emails and monitor your social media profiles for incoming messages.

#2 Extend Your Hours

Don’t let your potential customers peek through your window and see the lights off with nobody home. Small Business Saturday is your opportunity to convert new faces into long term brand advocates.

If you normally close early on weekends, consider keeping the doors open for a few extra hours. Make the most out of your foot traffic!

#3 Refresh Your Staff on Fundamentals

First impressions are critical for converting a casual window shopper into a long-term customer. Having a first shopping experience deliver that genuine “wow” factor can mean the difference between securing recurring business or having people take their money elsewhere.

Re-emphasize the importance of excellent customer service, proper face to face communication, and good old fashioned etiquette with a customer-first approach.

#4 Prepare Incentives and Deals

Give new and returning customers a reason to visit your store. Offer deals, create contests, and promote special offers to get people in the door.

Maybe you’ll implement a buy one get one offer, a 25% off coupon, or a random giveaway. The choice is yours. But remember — creativity and value always win. Give people something to talk about and don’t be boring!

#5 Consider Local Partnerships

If you’re located in a less populated area, join forces with nearby shops to further incentivize people to visit. Offer free coffee or even have a kickoff event.

Make your Small Business Saturday memorable by adding your own branding twist. Give it a local name and make sure everyone knows that teaming up with businesses in your area is going to be an awesome annual event full of big savings, great deals, and excellent customer service.

#6 Support Local Charities

Customers love to know when part of their purchases go to a cause they support. Consider donating a portion of proceeds to a local charity, but give customers a choice.

Maybe you’ll pick three meaningful local charities and ask customers after each purchase which charity they’d like to contribute to. It could be a local animal shelter, a school or university, an environmental conservation group, or even an art museum. Let customers pick based on what means the most to them!

#7 Update Your Advertising

Let people know about your promotions! Join online groups, share your deals on social media, and incentivize people to ‘check-in’ at your location.

You can easily tie this in with your deals and incentives by offering a coupon or percent off when customers check-in to your location on Facebook. Need more help with your digital marketing and advertising? Consider these time-tested marketing strategies to get things started:

#8 Stick to Your Strengths

Small Business Saturday is not only about physical goods and products. If you’re in the service industry, don’t forget to join in on the fun!

Set up a stand at the local event and start to introduce locals to your business and service offerings. Hand out your business card and incentivize first-time customers with a certain percentage off of their first order, or the inclusion of free services with their first purchase. Get creative!

Final Thoughts On Small Business Saturday Ideas

There are lots of great ideas for Small Business Saturday to make it an event to remember. While you may struggle to undercut the prices of large retailers, you can still go above and beyond to offer a first-class experience that customers can’t get anywhere else.

Remember — be creative, add value, and treat the customer like gold! Following these eight simple tips can set you on your way to a successful Small Business Saturday. If you need help with carving out your digital presense, contact us here at BizIQ to speak with a customer success representative today!