8 PPC Mistakes That Kill Your Campaign and How to Fix Them

8 Ppc Mistakes That Kill Your Campaign And How To Fix Them

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the greatest digital marketing channels that businesses of various sizes can employ to reach customers. It helps companies to develop quick and high-converting traffic without waiting for the slow build of SEO and conventional marketing strategies. According to a survey, 45% of small businesses invest in pay-per-click advertising. While some companies have already mastered PPC advertising, some are still on a trial-and-error basis, figuring out what works for them and what doesn’t. 

The success of your PPC campaign will solely rely on you being able to use the platform effectively. If you’re not getting the desired results from PPC advertising, you’re probably not doing it right. The mistakes and errors you make will end up costing your business money but not leverage long-term outcomes. 

Our article shall cover some eight common PPC campaign mistakes that businesses make and offer tips on fixing them. 

1. Failing to Properly Plan Your PPC Campaign

Every PPC campaign needs a solid strategy. A common mistake that businesses make is not doing extensive research or doing sloppy research about their target market. Diving headlong into buying ads without a logical strategy that maps out your business’s objectives is like throwing money down the drain.

A strategy informs how you would differentiate your services and products from your competitors, determine your target audience, how much money you’ll allocate for the campaign, define your primary performance metrics, and outline your marketing design.

2. Not Allocating Enough Budget for Your Campaign

Although PPC advertising can be rewarding, it is costly to implement and can drain your entire budget within a short period. For your PPC campaigns to be successful, you need to allocate enough money to keep them going. Many businesses make the following budget-related mistakes when it comes to PPC marketing:

  • They set the same monthly budget for every campaign.
  • Setting up an account and not having a maintenance strategy.

3. Not Having an Optimized Landing Page

If you are marketing a product or service only to send visitors to your standard homepage, you aren’t fully utilizing your advertising money.

Visitors are unlikely to search for a product or service all over your website. Instead, they will leave and opt for a link that takes them straight to the product. 

4. Using the Wrong Keywords

PPC campaigns are keyword centered.  Many businesses make keyword mistakes by not prioritizing top keywords, using too many keywords in their campaigns, ignoring negative keywords, and bidding on broad match keywords.

5. Trying to Get to Number One

Your PPC marketing strategy’s success shouldn’t be measured in terms of the ad’s position in the SERP. Instead, your focus should be on your return on investment. Many businesses spend money on their ads to get to the first position regardless of whether they generate revenue or not. In the end, spending money and not making any in return. Prioritize ROI over position will deliver the best results.

6. Neglecting Call to Actions

All forms of advertising should include a call to action. Without a call to action, potential clients wouldn’t know what to do. You need to convince searchers to click on your link over the competitors that appear on organic search results and ask for a sale. An ad without a call to action is like a sales representative that never tries to close a deal.

7. Targeting Everyone with Your Ads

Stop making ads that target everyone since not everyone will buy your products. Although ads enable you to reach a broad audience, targeting a large audience doesn’t necessarily translate to higher sales. Properly segmenting your audience and targeting the right people with the right ad is key to success.

8. Not Frequently Monitoring Your Ads

PPC marketing isn’t as simple as setting it up, running it, and forgetting about it as long as you continue to generate sales.  

How to Fix These Common PPC Mistakes

  1. Set Goals for Your Campaign — If you don’t set goals, you will have challenges tracking your progress and measuring success. Set specific goals. Once you have your particular objectives set in stone, you can begin to build an effective campaign that will be more successful.
  2. Plan Financially — Before you begin allocating money for your campaign, it’s essential to determine if running a PPC campaign will be profitable for your business. If your profit margins are small and the cost per click is high, then PPC may not be suitable for your business. If PPC marketing works for you, ensure you allocate enough money to your campaigns to get the volume of clicks, conversions, and sales you desire.
  3. Create and Optimize Your Landing Pages — A landing page has one primary objective, to get a conversion. To increase your conversion rate, you should ensure the message or email offer is linked to a customized landing page. 
  4. To get a conversion, you need to offer visitors a great user experience. You can do this by ensuring that your landing page is fast loading and mobile-friendly.
  5. Target a Specific Audience — To get the most conversions, you’ll need to narrow down and target a relevant audience that is likely to buy your products.
  6. Use Appropriate Keywords — Research thoroughly for and use high-value keywords to get a higher conversion rate, stop using broad match keywords, and incorporate negative keywords in your campaign to block your PPC ads from appearing on irrelevant searches. 
  7. Don’t Forget About Your Ads — Continually monitor your ads’ performance. This will help you establish which ones are losing money, which ones are working, and which ones need improvement.
  8. Focus your efforts on returns on investment rather than your position on search engine results. The primary goal is to generate revenue, not to be number one. 
  9. Incorporate a call to action on your ad copy and landing pages to encourage visitors to buy your products. 

Avoid These Mistakes with a Professional PPC Solution

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