Comprehensive Guide to Writing SEO Product Descriptions

Comprehensive Guide To Writing Seo Product Descriptions

Why SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions are Important

53% of shoppers research a product before they make a purchase decision. More research shows that 87% of shoppers consider product content like product descriptions to be critical in making a purchase decision. Moreover, 50% of research respondents returned a product they purchased online because it differed from the product description.

SEO friendly product descriptions help your customers to make informed decisions and the product page to rank highly on the search engine. It would be best to focus your product descriptions on SEO needs like keywords and customer needs like readability and addressing their needs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing SEO Product Descriptions

A search engine ranks product result pages based on their relevance, uniqueness, and originality. Therefore, it is important to write SEO-friendly product descriptions to ensure your web pages rank highly in search results and increase visibility. The following steps will help you to write SEO friendly product descriptions.

1. Understand The Product

The first step to comprehensive SEO product descriptions is to understand the product. You want to give accurate information to your customers rather than mislead them. Once you know the product, you can easily discuss its purpose, features, and benefits. Some tips to help you understand the effects better include:

  • Understand the use or purpose of the product.
  • Evaluate its main benefits.
  • Ask the manufacturer for technical information. 
  • Test how a product works through demos and more.
  • Do your research on the product.

2. Understand Your Audience

The next step is to define and understand who the product’s customers are. Once you know, your customers will also understand the needs and connect them to the product’s benefits. A great way to write a brilliant product description copy is to create a buyer persona.

You can use this persona as a reference point as you write the description. It will help to evaluate and understand your customers’ behavior and needs to create a relatable persona.

Other key considerations to the buyer’s persona include:

  • Age bracket
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Language
  • Interests

3. Focus on Product Benefits in Addition to Features

Customers search product descriptions to understand their main features, but features are rarely what sell products. Rather, customers are most often sold by the benefits of features over the features themselves.

Making sure that customers understand how your products benefit them (via the product features) is key to creating engaging product descriptions that lead to conversion. 

4. Be Informative, But Don’t Oversell

Being informative is key to making sure that your customers understand your product and have proper expectations about what to expect. The more informed a customer is, the less likely they are to regret that choice (and want a refund).

But marketers make the mistake of being so informative that they end up overselling a product or service to their customers.

Not good.

Product descriptions that oversell often use adjectives like “world’s best”, “top-ranking”, “best-selling”, and more. However, the using phrases like this can have the potential to harm your brand image rather than build it. 

You might think that your product is the “world’s best”, but so do all your competitors. And their descriptions say the same thing.

Focus your product description page will rank higher if you focus on the core features, main benefits, and how the customer will use the product. 

5. Use Basic Language

It is also very important to consider the vocabulary you use. Although the language may depend on the audience, it is always better to use basic language. Basic languages are considerate of new customers and customers of different backgrounds and educational levels. For example, a professor and a high school student should understand the vocabulary in your product description. 

Most customers want to understand your product in the shortest time possible. They do not have time to engage with hard vocabulary. It would also help to make the product descriptions realistic. For example, a new business cannot be termed as an industry leader when businesses have larger customer bases. 

6. Write Unique SEO Product Descriptions

Copy and paste is a major factor that prevents many description pages from ranking highly in search engine results. If the search engine algorithm finds an existing copy of your product description, it will give low rankings to their current description page. Therefore, you must create unique content in your product description. It is okay to get inspiration from elsewhere but avoids duplicating or spinning content. Some of the ways to write a unique story include:

  • Come up with a content structure.
  • Cover the core features and benefits of your product. 
  • Give practical examples.
  • Consider the buyer’s persona.

7. Use Keywords Effectively

Search engine algorithms usually assess keyword density and appropriateness to rank various web pages. Ensure to use a keyword in a meaningful context and around two to three times for every 200 to 300 words. Some tips to help you use keywords appropriately include:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing — use keywords naturally in your content
  • Include the keyword in the heading, subheadings, and content
  • Add keywords in the image description, tags, and file names

8. Make Your Product Descriptions Scannable

Customers have a low attention span. Studies suggest that the average person’s attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015.

To put that in context, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

You can see the challenge.

So, in order to help users engage with your content more fully, make it scannable!

Whether through bulleted or numbered lists (like this one!), broken-out sections, or using images to separate content, your audience should be able to quickly read through the product description and get reliable information about the product.

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