How to Attract More Customers on Google

Attracting more customers on Google begins with how close your business appears in the top of search results for topics related to your business. In other words, how well you rank.

There are 3 things you can do that will boost your ranking.

1. Your GMB Listing

Fully optimizing your Google My Business listing will increase your ranking. So, what does that mean?

To get started optimizing your listing, make sure it’s entirely is filled out with the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL
  • Hours of operation
  • GMB Category
  • Label
  • Images
  • Reviews

Completing your listing gives customers the ease of seeing all your information in one place, which is what Google cares about, and that’s why it will rank you higher.

2. Your NAP

Speaking of your name, address, and telephone number, another way to ensure you get found on Google so that you can attract more customers, is to ensure your NAP is consistent across the internet from your website to directories to citations. In Moz’s most recent Local Search Ranking Factors survey, NAP presence and consistency was listed as an essential factor for both citation signals and on-page signals – both of which are critical for appearing higher in Google search pages.

3. Your Google Reviews

Reviews have a significant role in attracting customers. Before coming to your store or restaurant, most consumers – 86%, want to know what other people have to say about you and base their decision off that. They also like to see that you have more than just a handful of reviews because it makes them view your company as more trustworthy.

To get more reviews and attract more customers try these:

  • Ask for reviews from customers – don’t be afraid!
  • Print and hand out “review reminders” with your listing’s URL so they can easily hop on and write one
  • Respond to comments – even the bad ones. Don’t get defensive; instead, try to make it right.

Not only do reviews influence the customer’s decision, but the more online reviews you have, the better you can offset negative ones.

Final Thoughts

While these 3 actions aren’t the only things you can do to drive more clients to your small business after they perform a search online, they’re the best places to start. For more ideas on how to market your business online, read our article on 10 Ways to Get Free Online Advertising (including Google). And don’t forget to subscribe to the BizIQ blog for more tips like this one delivered right to your inbox.