How to Use Google Posts

Google Posts are little blurbs of information that you can post to your Google My Business listing. They will show up in the knowledge panel of a search (or the Business Profile) as well as on your listing in Google Maps. You can add text, photos, or videos to you them.

blog title graphic how to use google posts

What should my Google Posts be about?

The best ways to use Google Posts are:

  • When you have an announcement about your business
  • You’re having a special offer or sale
  • You want to get the word out about an event.

Posts allow you to have a call-to-action button for people to sign up, print coupons, or learn more about the topic.

Are there any cons to Google Posts?

The downside of Google Posts is they’re not linked to Google Analytics so you won’t be able to see clickthrough rates or conversions. However, you can see impressions, and it’s overall worth it to use Posts to get announcements out there.

How to Post on your GMB listing:

  1. Go to your Google My Business profile and open the location you’d like to manage (if you have multiple locations)
  2. Click “Create post”, or you can click “posts” from the menu
  3. Click through each field, populating it with the content you wish to add
  4. Add a button (the call-to-action button) if you wish
  5. Click “preview” to see what it will look like
  6. Click “Publish” if it’s ready to publish or the back arrow to further edit

Need Help?

Google Posts and Google My Business are powerful ways to market your business and communicate with customers online. If you’re curious about all the ways you can use internet marketing to promote your business, reach out to BizIQ today.