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As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time & money crafting a unique product or service you care about. You’re passionate about growing your business, so why have a logo that people forget?

When you think of some of your favorite brands, like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike, Chevy, or Walmart, you probably don’t picture their products or services. No. You think of their logo. That’s because the human brain is designed to recognize and understand images. In fact, according to scientists, we can interpret the meaning of an image in as little as 13 milliseconds!

Your small business’ logo is the first impression your customers have of your website and everything that represents your business from products to letterhead to business cards, and more. So what happens if your logo is lackluster or completely forgettable?

Deciding to skip the logo or a poorly designed logo could actually mean you’re missing out on potential customers.

The secret is, a good logo design will make your business stand out from your competitors and ensure that current and potential customers will remember you and what you do as soon as they hear your name. An image that resonates with people means your customers will always know your business and your brand.

With logo design services from BizIQ that were created specifically for small businesses just like yours, your customers, old and new, will immediately recognize your business from the unique logo we create. The difference is, unlike other small business logo services out there, we don’t just give you a set choice of logo design templates. Instead, we design a logo that’s unique to your small business. But enough talk, take a look at some of the logos we’ve designed for our customers and see for yourself what a logo can do for your business.


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