How to See Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads

Facebook giant is taking a giant step forward and increasing its advertising transparency and user accountability efforts. They have recently introduced a tool that will allow users to see all active ads a page is running.

The tool was first announced in April and was initially tested in Canada. On June 28, it officially went live globally. You can now view the ads a Facebook page is currently running, along with some additional information about the page by navigating to the “Info and Ads” tab on the left hand side navigation.

Where can I view a Facebook page’s current ads?

Once you navigate to the appropriate tab (pictured here) you’ll be able to view active ads, and page info.

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“Page info” will show when the page was created and if the name has been changed. Facebook has said that more information will be available within the coming weeks.

“Active ads” will show all ads the page is currently running in your country. It will show active ads running on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. It will not show any engagement numbers and the advertiser will not be charged for any impressions for this activity.

Keep in mind that all users may not be part of the target of the active ads and Facebook has reiterated that if the page is running offers or promos, they may not apply to everyone.

Hasn’t Facebook already been doing this for political ads?

Facebook had been doing something similar with political ads starting in April so users could see exactly who was paying for the ads. People wanting to run political ads have to reveal their identity and location – which has to be verified by Facebook – before ads can run. There is also a “paid for by” label on the ads. This not only applies to political candidates, but any page advertising political issues. Pages running political related merchandise sales also need to be verified by Facebook.

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While most pages only show active ads running, political ads are archived for seven years.

So now I can see my competitors ads?

You sure can. You can now see all active ads your competition is running – but they can also see yours.

This could be helpful is your competition is running a promotion or offer ad. You could potentially create something similar to test against your own copy. It is always best to run your own, unique ads and not “copy” your competitors but if you are new to Facebook advertising, it could help you get started.