What Is A Google Business Profile (Formerly Known as Google My Business)?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a powerful and free tool that gives business owners control over the way their business looks on Google Maps and Google Search. Formerly known as Google My Business, the profile allows you to list the business name, but also the location and business hours, and even provide photos and special offers. Furthermore, your Google local listing is a powerful ranking factor in local search.

It is an affordable and easy way to prove to customers what sets their business apart and creates a path for communication. How? Well, with GBP, customers can call, message, visit the business website, get directions to a brick and mortar store, or leave reviews with a single tap.

GBP Helps You Get Discovered

Additionally, it is a tool for discovering where and how visitors to your page look for and find you. When you know where potential clients find you, it allows you to adjust marketing, SEO, and other materials to get their attention and business.

Where can they find your GBP Listing?

– Google’s Search Engine

– Google Chrome

– Google Reviews

– Google Maps

– Google Knowledge Panel

Typically, this appears right of search results and often after entering a company name.

– Google Local Pack

This search feature displays the top 3 local results

– Google Question and Answers or Google Q&A

Benefits of Optimizing GBP

GBP is entirely free to use, and this also makes it incredibly valuable since it “costs” you nothing more than your time to make the most of it.

Optimizing the GBP listing ensures you get the greatest benefit from it, and that means:

 – Verifying the business

– Add full details

– Include media

– Add labels

– Perform edit suggestions from visitors, when applicable

Your GBP listing provides you with powerful tools to build relationships with your target customers

Google indicates that GBP listings with well-chosen photos get 35% more clicks and 42% higher “directions” clicks in Google Maps. Videos are also an option and give you a chance to stand apart.

The key, as Google explains, though is communication. Any business owner has to partner real-world customer service with online responsiveness. Responding to ANY reviews (negative as well as positive), considering edit suggestions, and keeping up to date with the GBP is the way to make the most of it.

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