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Written Content is Officially One of Google’s Primary Ranking Factors. That means that the quality of your website’s written content has never been more important or played a more integral role in the success of your online marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it used to be to create website copy that works. If done incorrectly, your website’s written content can cause your business to lose search engine rankings, or even be de-indexed from Google altogether.

BizIQ’s copywriting and content marketing services are a fundamental piece of our online marketing solutions. Let our expert copywriters and bloggers create written content on your website that works to get you found online while informing and engaging customers and prospects alike.

Everything BizIQ does is geared towards making your small business the first option for local customers seeking the products & services you provide.

Send the Right Message With Optimized Website Copy

Did you know that different pages of your website call for different styles of written content? What works on a blog post is not appropriate for a page outlining your business’ services, or a page that is geared towards driving conversions. We’ll make sure your website’s copy is optimized properly for each page with distinct value-adds and compelling calls-to-action, while still being keyword rich and optimized for search engines.

A Complete Solution for Content Marketing

copywriting and content marketingAdditional content marketing services are included in our Complete Solution level package, and can also be added a la carte to other packages. A complete solution for content marketing includes ongoing, regular blog posts as well as custom press release and distribution.

Monthly Blog Posts
Whenever you post new content to your business’ blog, search engines pay attention. It’s like adding an entirely new page to your website each time. But your blogs should also be useful to your website’s human visitors. We create monthly blog posts for you that are full of great information and actionable insights for your customers while also being search engine friendly and keyword rich.

Custom Press Release & Distribution
Make a big announcement with a custom press release and complete distribution service. Expert copywriters will craft a professional press release to make sure that your big news reaches audiences far and wide.


“I’ve used BizIQ for a year now and they have increased my visibility by 100%. Aaron, my account manager, has done exactly what he promised.”
– John Hansen, Hansen Plumbing Pro


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