BizIQ Stays Focused on Fitness

BizIQ employees take on the battle of the bulge by promoting short sweat sessions before work.Company concerts and onsite gym memberships are great but not all of us have that luxury available. Small businesses can still offer their employees perks, such as office workouts, without spending a fortune. Sometimes it’s not about having a huge budget, it’s about thinking outside the box as a small business owner and finding inexpensive ways to involve your employees in activities.So how are employees supposed to stay on track with their health in an office environment? The answer is teamwork! Tackle the task of staying active by collaborating with your co-workers on creative ways to get moving.

Here at BizIQ, the human resources department conjured up the idea of offering a Monday morning yoga class. This mini workout is suitable for team members of all fitness levels as it involves easy poses, simple stretches and relaxing breathing techniques. Studies show that incorporating physical activity in the workplace promotes company morale, alertness and productivity. Activities like yoga, cycling, or a softball league help boost work relationships by encouraging employees to connect with one another.

Other ways you can stay focused on fitness is by making little adjustments in your daily work routine. A couple ways to stay fit are by parking farther away from your office entrance so you can walk more, work while standing instead of always sitting, exchange the stairs for the elevator, do chair stretches and drink lots of water throughout the day. All of these little changes improves employees health and promotes productivity in the office. “We were just trying to come up with something that’s enjoyable, wakes you up and gets you ready for the day.” Human Resources Executive Assistant Taylor Rosa said about what inspired the yoga class.

The main benefits for having this activity in BizIQ’s office environment is that it allows people to get fit without having to leave the office. “It’s difficult when you sit all day and you have to be focused at your desk,” said Rosa. “I think that because a lot of people work so hard they just want to go home and relax. This yoga class encourages them to come before work, get their blood flowing and start their day off right.”

BizIQ’s first yoga class was such a success that the company plans to offer this healthy morning activity to interested team members at least once every week.