BizIQ Unveils Improved Spam Filtering

Spam, a word that sends chills down almost anyone’s back. Don’t you just wish you could dodge spam altogether? If only it were that simple. Whether you’re talking about the food or the irritating internet advertisements nothing good has ever come from spam.

Small business owners who have a million and one things to worry about especially don’t like to be bombarded with internet spam.

The increased prevalence of web forms on websites and the ever-evolving technology that comes along with them have allowed people and corporations alike to send out even more spam advertisements than ever before. One thing to consider is that not all spam is created equal. It’s important to remember that sometimes marketing campaigns can come off sounding like spam when they’re actually giving valuable information. Another issue that can arise when small businesses are trying to block spam is that they block potential new customers.

BizIQ, a company focused on finding innovative ways to use technology to the advantage of its customers, wanted to tackle the issues of how small businesses are impacted by spam. After long hours and lots of brainstorming, BizIQ developed a new spam software update. The new system was created by Systems Development Manager Rick Bennett at BizIQ and has recently been rolled out for all of our current and incoming website customers. Rick and a fellow colleague came up with the idea after they realized that the current blocking system needed to do a better job at blocking out spam.

One of the ways BizIQ’s proprietary system filters out spam with an improved rate of accuracy is by identifying IP addresses that are known to spam web forms and websites around the internet. This, combined with a unique reporting system allows BizIQ customers, account managers, and technical staff to play an active role in fighting spam as a team.

When unknown companies and individuals spam our clients, it confuses and complicates their already busy lives. BizIQ is dedicated to making the internet experience as effortless as possible for our small business partners. That’s why we will continue to work hard to develop new ways to prevent these annoying and unsolicited messages from reaching your inbox, while still bringing you the messages and leads that matter most.

Take that, spam.