How to Add My Business Address to Google

Most business owners want to put their business “on the map.” Google allows business owners to do this, literally. Most business owners understand the value of an online presence. And most consumers head to the internet before they ever open their wallet to purchase anything.

As a result, the savvy business owner should make it his or her business to get found online. Why? Ranking in Google search results increases exposure and visibility.

97% of people search for local businesses online, and Google controls nearly 95% of online search. That’s why adding your business address to Google can be extremely beneficial to your business.

Google My Business

Adding your business to Google is simple and requires a few basic steps.

    1. Go to Google My Business
    2. Add your business information
    3. Add the name of your business, address, and phone number
    4. 3. Select your business

A list of possible matches will appear.

    1. 4. Don’t see your business name?

If you don’t see your business, select “add my business.”

  1. 4. Verify your business

Next, you will be prompted to verify your business. Google will assign a pin through a:

  • Postcard
  • Text message
  • Automated phone call
  • Manually

Business Confirmation

Once you’ve set up your Google My Business and followed the verification process, your page will be confirmed. Your business will show up in local search results, making it easier for local customers, past, present, and future to find you.

Furthermore, Google My Business has a convenient app which you can download so you can conveniently manage your listing from your smartphone or tablet.

Now, you just need to optimize your Google Business Profile. This is a crucial step. If you want it done for you, learn more about our Google Business Profile setup services.