Social Media Marketing During COVID-19 – It’s more than just likes

Social Media Marketing

With this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, people are forced to stay home and to socially distance themselves. This isolation leaves them thirsty for ways to stay connected, and social media is the answer.

We all understand the need to keep our communities safe and healthy. Additionally, we know it’s important to protect your livelihood to get through the recession brought on by the COVID-19 crisis.

This new normal does provide a unique opportunity to shift your marketing tactics to encompass social media to reconnect with customers and engage new prospects. Social media marketing presents a simple and effective way to do just that.

Why You Should Turn to Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is not new but why is it so imperative right now? Let’s look at the main reasons why you should leverage social platforms to boost your online marketing.

The Demand for Online Content Has Exploded

More and more people are turning to online content to find information, search “how to’s” and well just to kill time. A recent study of 25,000 consumers across 30 markets showed engagement increasing 61% over the previous usage. Messaging across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has increased by 50% in countries hardest hit by the virus. Twitter is seeing 23% more daily users than a year ago. When it matters most, people (even #DeleteFacebook diehards) are turning to social media for updates and connection.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Social Media Marketing During COVID-19?

Think about it, social media marketing doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. You don’t need big bucks or a lot of resources to get some campaigns going. But, how?

First, check out this blog with 10 easy post ideas that any business can do to. These tips can get you started as you formulate your larger strategy. There are also some pitfalls you want to look out for so be sure to do a little research before jumping in.

Second, put your focus on growing your following and engagements.

With consumer spending limited to the basic necessities, expecting your online marketing to boost sales and revenue might be unrealistic in today’s climate. But that’s no reason to not market your business. It’s the perfect time to build your online following and put out content that your prospects are seeking.

The key to online content is to focus on information that is helpful and entertaining. Consider hosting a live video stream to connect with your community and keep them engaged and solves their current needs. If applicable to your business, offer webinars, podcasts, and online tutorials to teach your customers something new.

If you’re not sure what your prospects and customers are looking for, just ask. Conduct a poll or a targeted message campaign to gain insights on how you can provide the information that matters most to them.

Short-Term Strategies can Build on Future Success

While many of these ideas can be put into place rather quickly, it’s still important to keep in the back of your mind your long-term strategy. While this pandemic can feel never-ending, there will come a time when things return to the way they were, so don’t scrap what you’ve started. Many methods of social media marketing that are useful during the crisis will be just as useful for your future online marketing success.

Continue posting content and engaging with customers and prospects in a way that is manageable for your business. You will not only generate interest on social media but when your doors open again customers will be more excited to visit you in-person.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let Us Help!

The constant change and uncertainty are enough to make even the most marketing-savvy business owner feel overwhelmed. Even if you are well-versed in social media marketing, it’s a lot to manage when it’s one of the only ways you are communicating with your customers. If you are a current client of BizIQ give your client success manager a call to help you maneuver through the ever-changing marketing landscape the coronavirus pandemic has created.

If you are new to BizIQ and have been impacted by COVID-19, contact us for a no-obligation social media marketing consultation. We make things quick and easy. It all starts with a 30 min call with a Digital Marketing Expert to help you determine the best social media management plan for your business based on your needs and goals. Then a second 30 min call with a Social Media Management Onboarding Specialist where we collect your data and advise you on best practices and how your business should show up on social platforms. That’s it! Our experts start building your social media presence for you in just a few days.

Interested in trying it out on your own? You can also download our FREE eBook “The Ultimate Social Media Quick Start Guide for Small Business.”