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If four customers walk into your store, you wouldn’t turn three of them away, right? If you don’t have a website – specifically an optimized, mobile responsive website – that’s essentially what you’re doing.

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More than 75% of local business searches on a mobile device end up with a consumer visiting the store in person (Acquisio, 2017). In fact, 91% of customers have stated that they visited a store because of an experience they had with them online (Wanderful Media, 2012). Those are clients you could be missing out on if you don’t have a professionally designed, mobile-responsive small business website.

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At BizIQ we ensure your website is a beautiful, user-friendly extension of your local business. Once we’ve worked with you to establish your vision for the design, our team of experienced web developers begin the build itself. Every step of the building process is done with the intention of creating a beautiful, search engine-friendly website that will set you up for success by helping to make your business the top pick among your online competitors. Whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been in business for generations, an optimized site brings in customers, builds your brand, and helps you grow!

Professional Web Designers Dedicated to Your Business Growth

Our team of designers are passionate about building exceptional websites. They keep themselves up-to-date on the best practices for creating a user experience that will give you the best chance of ranking on search engines like Google and driving sales.

BizIQ small business websites are not only beautiful to look at and interact with. They’re also designed by industry leading experts with experience in conversion rate optimization, SEO, and design theory. That means that they are built to be easy to find, easy to navigate, and built with the goal of generating plenty of leads for your business.

Responsive Websites Make Customers Happy

Did you know that 94% of people judge a website based on its responsiveness (Infront Webworks, 2018)? Responsiveness refers to the way a website responds to the different devices it’s viewed on.

When BizIQ creates your business’ website, we ensure it is fully mobile responsive, meaning it will operate seamlessly on a mobile device just as well as a desktop. This is an important part of web design not only because Google prioritizes mobile responsiveness in search rankings, but because 57% of all web traffic comes from mobile phones (BrightEdge, 2018)!

Search Engine Optimization to Set You Apart

In order for users to find your site and for your company to gain new customers, Google and other search engines must first index it. That means when Google is deciding which website to display for that important search term, your website or your competitions, it must first use its technology to “look” at your website and your competitors, and rank them based on which it believes to be most relevant. SEO is the process of encouraging Google to choose your site over the competition. Each BizIQ website built as part of our local marketing solutions comes with a complete search engine optimization strategy, and a team of experts optimizing your site on an ongoing basis to make sure you’re staying visible for the search terms that matter most.

All of that means you rank higher, have greater visibility to customers, and of course, gain more business.

Part of a Comprehensive Solution

Your website plays a major role in the growth of your business, and the website conversions you see every month are a big part of that. But it’s not the only thing that matters. There are many gears turning behind the scenes when it comes to small business online marketing. Designing a website is just one of these gears, albeit an important one. After all, you can’t have a complete online marketing campaign in place without a great website!

Our small business websites are part of a larger, comprehensive package that includes custom website copy, content marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization, citation management, and more. At BizIQ we believe that combining these essential marketing methodologies into affordable packages that can grow with your business will allow us to continue to offer big business marketing solutions at the most affordable rates in the industry.

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How Much Does Web Design Cost?

Whether you already have a website or you’re searching for a company to build one, you may have noticed how difficult it is to find any information regarding website pricing. So many companies expect you to go through the long process of talking to a high pressure salesperson, deciphering a complicated contract stuffed with legal jargon, and then there’s still the hidden fees and fine print to contend with. A lot of companies even hide who really owns your website’s content and domain name in the tiny print they know you won’t see. Spoiler alert – that could mean that you don’t actually own the website they’ve built for you, or the domain name you’ve chosen. Many unsuspecting business owners only find this out when they try to cancel services and find that they’re being charged exorbitant fees by the agency to release their website and domain name.

BizIQ has a different philosophy. You’ll find we’re always upfront with costs because transparency is one of our core values. Pricing can be found on our website, without jumping through hoops. And you’ll never have to sign a contract – no tricks, no gimmicks, just smart local marketing! Once you decide which package is best for you, your payment will be month to month and you can cancel whenever. Plus, you own your site and domain! Even if we part ways, you get to take it all with you (and no extra fees).

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Marketing is always changing in this modern world and people just don’t use old methods like the Yellow Pages to find businesses anymore. Phone books are a thing of the past, and you can’t rely on word of mouth alone as your main source of new clients. In fact, these days, word of mouth actually happens online! When it comes to customers finding your small business, having an extension of your business online via a professionally designed website is essential.

In order to be seen online, you need to have a website. Being seen is one thing, and standing out from your competitors is another thing entirely. Setting yourself apart with a user-friendly, mobile responsive website requires a web developer with extensive knowledge and experience, and one who is familiar with the specific needs of small businesses like yours. After all, not all businesses are the same, and not all websites are created equal.

BizIQ develops all of our client’s small business sites following the same principles and techniques as our own website. That means that when you work with BizIQ, your small business is getting industry leading technology employed by some of the fastest growing companies in the country. As a small business ourselves, our goal is to even the playing field with large corporations. It’s why we’re so committed to keeping our own costs down, and passing the savings on to you. When you choose BizIQ to build your company website, you get state of the art design and big business functionality for a fraction of what larger corporations pay.

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You could try to utilize one of those “do-it-yourself” website builders, and while you may end up with a pretty website, your chances of getting that website found online are greatly reduced. That’s because DIY website builders offer little to no control over the code used to build your website. The quality of that code is one of the main factors that will determine the success (or failure) of your website. Without an expert level understanding of the behind-the-scenes techniques that go into getting a website found on Google, getting found by your prospective customers will be an uphill battle.

Commercials from those website builders make the design and development process seem so easy, like anyone can do it! The reality is, there’s a lot more that goes into it than choosing your fonts and uploading some pictures. If you go this route, you might have a website, but you won’t have built a strong foundation for your online presence.

These commercials also fail to mention the sheer amount of time it can take to create, maintain, and update your site – it takes more than a simple click and drag. So, you won’t be visible online and time will be taken away from doing the things that keep the lights on like running your business in order to maintain a site that isn’t even built for success to begin with.

The point of a website is to enable customers to find you, and to make a decision on where they will spend their money. We’ve already established that a website plays a crucial role in that process. Doesn’t something so important warrant an investment in your business?

Your business’ website needs to be designed in a way that puts all the components of optimization together so you are visible to your customers. If you don’t understand search engines, basic web design elements, user experience, and how to make a responsive site, don’t attempt to make one yourself.

BizIQ has the knowledge and experience to build and tailor our services to smaller companies, because we are a small business. We’re determined to bring industry leading design and website development to you, without the big price tag. Your company is unique, don’t just choose a template that thousands of others have access to – including your competitors.

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Yes, when dealing with something as extensive and complex as building a website, acquiring professional services is the best way to go. This can be hard to come to terms with if you’re a business owner or a small startup, but you might be surprised just how feasible it actually is. BizIQ offers affordable local marketing packages so your business can be equipped with a stunning website created by an experienced marketing professional, that will show up in search engine results.

No matter what size your operation, a professional website from BizIQ is the right choice. All of our sites are fully optimized so your customers can find you easily online. There’s no question that consumers are going to continue using search engines every day, whether you’re online or not. If you’re not online you’re handing that business over to your competitors. That’s why this is an essential element of a complete online marketing strategy. Simply having a presence on social media or a Google auto-created website won’t cut it. You need a place that acts as an extension of your storefront in the online world, where customers can get a feel for whether they want to do business with you. You will be surprised how much a fully functional, optimized site can improve your business.

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Yes! Most consumers go online to find and research local businesses, 97% to be exact (BIA/Kelsey and ConStat, 2010). With a percentage that high, you can’t afford not to have a website. Not only are they looking to make a purchase, they’re looking to connect and build a relationship with your brand – 63% of consumers primarily use a company’s site to find and engage with businesses (Local Search Association, 2017). Engagement is the key to repeat customers. Your site gives you visibility, brings in new business, and builds your leads! Be cautioned though, most consumers said that after one bad experience they wouldn’t visit a site again.

BizIQ’s website design services ensure visitors have a positive experience while on your site. Our highly trained developers will build you the perfect site that’s fully optimized, including mobile responsive so people won’t immediately click away.

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Due to the nature of online marketing, an ever-changing field, your presence online needs to be updated on an ongoing basis. It’s not a one-and-done thing. In fact, if you’re only keeping up, you’re already behind. So, even though you may already have a website, BizIQ’s services and local marketing packages can offer you a competitive edge.

You may love the content on your existing website, but perhaps you want to upgrade your design or make your site more user friendly, faster, or more robust. That’s okay! We can use existing content from your current website or start from scratch! We believe your website should be a reflection of you and your business, so we’ll work with you to make sure that the transition process is a smooth one. We can even take over the maintenance and upkeep of your existing website!

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As a small business ourselves, we believe other small businesses should have the same access to online marketing services as the big players do, but at a price that won’t break your budget. Taking the next step toward affordable, online marketing for your business is easy with BizIQ. Simply call us to set up a digital marketing evaluation and competitive analysis. This no pressure one-on-one appointment allows you to ask your questions and get answers. We’ll listen to what you need and learn about who you are, then we’ll draw up a plan best suited for you!

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