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Annette Sugden
November 10, 2017 By:

3 Ways to Grow During Your Slow Season

Don’t Let Your Slow Season Slow You Down. Yes, everyone, their brother, their mother, and their cousin’s mother’s brother’s uncle has written about slow season marketing, but I’m going to write about it as well. Why? Because it’s important and I want your small business to grow from a little... View Article

Tim Mechling
November 4, 2017 By:

7 SEO Myths That Need to Die in 2018

Some SEO myths just need to go extinct already… With a topic as complex as SEO, there are bound to be some prevalent myths and misinformation out there. At the rate search and digital culture are changing, understanding SEO requires upkeep; practices that put webpages and businesses in the #1... View Article

Annette Sugden
November 2, 2017 By:

ADA Compliance is For Websites Too

As of Jan 2018, new federal regulations will go into effect regarding the accessibility of websites for people with disabilities.* But did you know that even if you’re a small business owner, you could still be sued by advocacy groups or “professional plaintiffs” if your website isn’t ADA compliant under... View Article

Lexi St. Laurent
October 23, 2017 By:

How a CDN Solves 2 Big Small Business Website Woes

Brick-and-mortar businesses have long been concerned with the security of their locations, and the quality and speed of service that their customers experience when they visit. These days, a business’ website can be just as important as their physical storefront, and it’s no wonder. You count on your small business... View Article

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